Sunday Confessions..

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I am linking up with Alyx over at Every Day is a New Adventure for Sunday Confessions. I use to do this a long time ago and some how it got off my blogging calendar! So happy I - re discovered - this link up! =) 

So here I go.. 

 Sunday Confessions

1.    I confess I am not near as ready for Christmas as I should be. Before long we are going to have a houseful so I better get motivated!

2. That my temper is growing short for the neighbors barking dogs. My alarm goes off at 720am every morning but those damn dogs start barking around 615am. Its sooooo frustrating!

3. That on Scotts first day off in a long time that we both were just too tired and grumpy to have the day that I was hoping for. It was kinda disappointing. =(

4. That I am wearing flats all the time now. I use to love wedges...but I am tired of the heal.. Then I wear Nikes all the time but these little ballet flats 

feel amazing to wear. I am only 5.0" so I don't really like wearing flats but these comfy little shoes changed my opinion in a hurry. I bought both nude and black.. both are holding up well and they are a dream to wear. I totally get it now and its going to be hard to change. Thankfully here in North Carolina the weather isn't too cold so I can pretty much wear these all winter long.

5. I feel like a complete idiot pumping gas. I don't know what the problem is but every time I go to pump the gas it just cuts off.. over and over and over.. No one else around there seems to have the same problem. It makes a big loud noise when it cuts off. I jiggle the pump around.. and it still does it. It will pump for like 5 seconds.. and then cut off. I have been driving for years and never had this problem before. Maybe its the car...IDK

6. That quiet time today was lovely. Scott took Jackson and Brandon bowling this afternoon. The time alone was really nice. I managed to get dinner in the oven, laundry going, and the house picked up.

7. That when I heard that the adorable kitty Kim K. got from Kayne West died.. I wasn't shocked. She had given the kitten away.. 

and apparently the kitten had stomach cancer? Hummm.. ok.. I breed Persian Kittens and never had a problem like that but ok. I think she did it again.. got something.. fell in love.. got bored.. got rid of it.. and I also think that's exactly what would happen if she was to have a child. Sorry.. its just my opinion. RIP Mercy.

8. I confess that a larger house is not as Glamorous as I thought it would be. It takes a lot of work to keep this home running smoothly. I live with 3 boys in the winter.. 4 boys and 1 girl in the summer and while the space is nice.. the extra work is not. I think we need to downsize and find a smaller house with a pool in Florida. Yes Please..

9. I confess that I don't understand my sons math. 

Its just not easy for me. Jackson is doing great in all his other classes but he struggles in math. Its pretty much me repeating 4th grade math and it sucks.

10. That I haven't had time to read for a while. I have a stack of magazines and a bunch of books on my nook waiting on me. Yea.. got to make some time to snuggle up and read a good book or article!

Happy Sunday!

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3 comments on "Sunday Confessions.."
  1. I love wearing flats and sneakers but they are not practical for winter where I am.

    hope you have a great day.

  2. I used to hate wearing flats, but since I started working full-time, they are pretty much all I wear. Crazy how that works.

    And I'm so looking forward to the day we get a bigger house, but I know that when we do get a bigger house, it will be because we have more kids, and more kids + bigger house = more/bigger messes to clean up. Now THERE'S some math I understand.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Ha!! @Alyx.. it also means a bigger mortgage! We have 3 full bathrooms and yes its very handy but a lot to clean..I love the size but it takes the double the work!


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