Speaking up.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You know right now there is a movement in our blogger community where today many are not blogging in honor of the victims. While I think that is a great way to show your love and support.. I would rather speak out. I think its time we start having the hard talks about ways to protect our children, change the gun laws, and figure out ways we can all can come together and overcome evil. I have took a lot of many moments of silence over the past few days because how sad the situation really is.
Its hard for me to watch the news without tearing up. Its hard to drop my son off to school without getting nervous. Its hard to think about what those babies went through that day without more tears running down my face, and its hard to hear about the shooter and his family without getting filled with anger. But what we all have to at this point is focus on the kids that are still here and the families who are suffering.  They are having all kinds of problems from the shooting. This is something that will never leave them and I would rather talk out than remain silent. My heart and prayers are with each child , victim, brother, sister, parent and for them.. But I think we could better spend our day talking about what to do next. What can we do to make sure something like this never happens again ?

Well.. lets start with guns. Last night I had a extremely loud conversation someone over this. I mean. I was seriously screaming and calling them a f**king idiot for their narrow minded point of view. They were showing no empathy for the victims and pretty much saying you can't really ban the guns.. and its just going to keep happening. Well.. that's all it took for me to let loose on this topic. First off.. 
GUN LAWS. Yes.. this is America and I seriously doubt will ever change the Constitution where we won't have guns. I don't understand how carrying a gun is any form of freedom. I think that's bullshit. But ok.. The gun laws that most are talking about are pretty common sense stuff. I don't think anyone can justify owning an automatic riffle. There is no excuse for anyone other than the military to own that kind of gun. There is no reason for any of us to have those kinds of guns. but more about that in a minute. 

Next.. Just like the dumbass last night tried telling me that a law would do no good. Ummmmm.. that's when I started yelling last night. Could you imagine if you said that about cocaine, meth, and heroin.. You put the laws in place to HELP STOP.. as in PREVENTATIVE. It helps.. I am not saying it fixes the problem but it sure helps. Its time we have the national talk about this. The real question is would a ban on certain types of guns make it harder for disturbed individuals to get their hands on these devastating weapons and engage in mass murder. And the answer is yes. Big Chains are putting in their own " laws " on Guns.. Walmart just pulled one of their guns that was similar to one of the guns the shooter had. Dicks Sporting goods are also starting to pull certain guns and the one closest to Newtown.. they pulled the guns all together. No one needs a automatic gun like that. I read some where that one of the adult victims had over 30 shots to her body and they guess it happened within 2 seconds. Seriously??? He didn't even have to reload to make that one death with 30 shots. People shouldn't just be able to get their hands on this type of gun? And if they do get caught with one.. make it a freaking life sentence. No questions asked.. Get caught with one.. and kiss your ass goodbye.  Do you really think that our founding fathers of this country meant assault riffles? Shit.. they meant muzzle-loaders. We need this to change. 

What about our schools? Shouldn't the schools be vamping up more security to protect our children? Its law that we have to send our kids to school.. yet they can't keep them safe. I feel like we are loosing our country. I really do. Isn't school one place where our kids should feel safe? A few things that might have made a difference.. was if that glass that he shot through would have been bullet proof.. maybe an armed guard would have helped.. I think our schools have made it way to easy for people to get in. At Jackson's school.. there is the same kind of glass that you have to wait and be buzzed in. But clearly that won't work if its not bullet proof. I think a lot of us are scared to send our kids to school right now. I wanted to keep Jackson and Brittany home all week long. But the armed police officer standing out in front of Jackson's school this morning did put help to put my mind at ease. I think each school needs to make whatever budget cuts they need to make and turn their schools into guarded protective place for them to learn. 

My husband is blaming things like video games and tv for making mass murder seem so easy.. where you get points for killing others. Now.. I have a 10 year old son who loves Call of Duty. But are these games and movies making our kids think its so easy to kill ?? IDK?? but I have to wonder if they are a part of it. I am guilty of letting Jackson see movies like Act of Valor or some other war movie.. but its probably time for a big change around our home when it comes to movies with violence in it. And right now.. I am outvoted on the video games but I will say.. the time is going to be limited big time and we are going to have some very serious discussions about real vs. video, love vs hate, and life vs death. 

Then we have the mentally ill we have to think about.  I don't know how people live every day with their kids and not realize that they are mentally ill. Children who spend a lot of alone time who distant themselves from the rest of the family are at more of a risk. Talk to your kids. Know what they are thinking. Dig deep.. and have those hard conversations. And if you feel your child is suffering.. go get some outside help. Don't just think its a " normal growing phase ".

Also I don't think kids should ever have access to the weapons in your home. Scott and I have guns. But we have kids in and out and those guns are locked up. Sure.. we would rather have a gun closer to us in the event we would need it..but we are not willing to risk it. We actually put a state of the art lock on a few doors in our home that keep the kids out. The chances of us having to actually use one low anyway.. if we are alone and feel unsafe that is one thing but we have a bunch of kids in and out and we honestly have changed everything in the past months to lock up the weapons. I don't even want guns. maybe one.. but I would live just fine with a stun gun or something. Like what the cops use.. but my husband is a gun owner. My father is. my ex husband is.. my grandfather had guns. but not all people are responsible with guns and times are changing.

Scott and I were driving around last year when Jackson was living at his dads. I remember telling Scott that the biggest lessons I want my children to feel and understand is empathy and compassion for others. I don't care about the small stuff.. the real lessons that I think they should learn is ....learning that they yes.. they can hurt others.. not just with their hands but their words too.. and to actually feel bad when they cause another pain. Feeling for other people. Not just getting what they want and going on and being happy. Sure, teaching your kids to not curse, pick up their rooms and not live like slobs, to dress nice, make good grades is all important but not near as important as teaching them to love others and being understanding of the value of LIFE. Some kids learn it faster than others. We lost a lot of people in our family over the last few years and my kids had to go to funeral after funeral and got the concept that life is precious early on. But not all kids go through all that kind of stuff early on and those children still need to understand how important each breath is. 

My heart breaks for each one of those families who lost someone they loved. Nothing will bring those kids back and nothing is going to give us all the answers we want so badly about this horrible situation. But we can make changes not only to our Country but to each home too. We have to learn from this. This is a lesson in the least.. and if we don't learn from it.. change things.. it will keep happening. And to me, that would make their deaths even worse. We owe it to each one of those kids.. each one of the victims.. to each family.. to learn the hard lessons and do better. 

I will still be blogging today. I will have more Newtown post coming up and a few others.

Stay tuned.

With a heavy heart, 

K Jaggers

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  1. Ok I am not going to get into everything you posted because it is too much to comment on. However, Here is the real issue, are you ready for this, PARENTS DISCIPLINGING THEIR CHILDREN AND THE GOVERNMENT TELLING THEM THEY CAN'T!!!!!!!! I am not against guns, I am not for guns, I am for the rights and protections of me and my family. Children are taught early that they parents nor the teachers or anyone else can touch them or correct their behavior because they can have them locked up for abuse. Schools also can't make a child stay in school. I took Vicky to school everyday and mom always picked her up everyday and for 2 weeks striaght she went in the front door and out the back and would wait out front in the afternoon for mom.

    It isn't that the law is to easy for them to get guns of any kind. D.C. has the highest crime rates with Guns and guns aren't even allowed to be bought, sold, or carried in D.C. so you tell me. No matter what they law is someone will always find away around it.

    Now to address your mental issue statement. Not everyone can afford to take their kids to the doctors to have them tested because either they don't have any, they don't have the payment up front or whatever. I have taken all of my kids to have them tested and the common diagnosis on any child now days is Bipolar or ADD or ADHD or Seperation Disorder. These kids are so good at manipulating people that they can fake their way in and out of anything. The whole problem is that the doctors don't honestly know and give you a diagnosis on a one time visit and mostly label it to shut up the parent.

    My friend has a son that has been diagnosised as paranoid skitsophranic, seperation disorder and something else. They put him on all kinds of meds, his mom put him on SSI and disability and honestly the only thing wrong with him was that she never busted his ass for anything and laughed at everything he did, cuss him, tell him he was worthless, and feed him McDonalds all the time.

    I feel that the GOVERNMENT is more to blame then most of any of them want to admit. Laws are made for everything but they still have people that break them and what does the courts basically do about it???? They don't do a damn thing. I think every state should have a 3 stikes and your out rule. You get your ass in trouble 3 times on any kind of felony and you got to prison for life. You get your ass locked up for no felony put potentially deadly charges then your ass should spend 10 yrs in prision.

    So until the Government stays the hell out of telling parents and teachers how to raise and correct childrens bad behavoir then they will be wasting peoples time by trying to pass new laws that are not effective now.


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