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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Helloooooo! I hope you all had a beautiful day! I stayed busy all day long and oddly enough I didn't do a damn thing around the house except some laundry. But tomorrow I hope to get more done. It was a pretty good day. I missed Scott a lot and he ended up getting a delivery right before it was time to come home so he had to work late which SUCKED. But he came home and we had a little time together before he conked out. 

The house went on shut down about 11pm. All the boys fell asleep and I almost did too. But then I enjoyed a hot bubble bath and it gave me just the right amount of energy I needed to get the coffee made for morning, the kitty cats fed, and hopefully enough energy to finish this blog post. I feel like I am running behind with everything. Tomorrow I am working on a guest post for another blogger. I have a lot of blogging to get done this next week. Hopefully I will somehow manage my time a little better. 

BTW.. have you checked out my moms giveaway? 

She is giving away one of these 

Cook's Essentials Stainless Steel 3-Section Nonstick Buffet Servers to one lucky reader! 

You can find her full post that tells you all the details of the giveaway right here. Its going on for 2 weeks and it will be delivered by Christmas so you can use it over the holiday! The form is at the top of my blog and its also on her blog too..but to just make it easy.. Here you go! 

GET SIGNED UP BECAUSE IT COULD BE YOU THAT WINS THIS! I have one.. and so does mom and its really handy! This new one is actually here at my house and Monday when things are quiet I will be getting a video up to show you exactly what it is and how you would use it. Stay tuned for that!

Also coming up in a week or so is another

Ask the Housewife

series coming up! I have a bunch of questions that I figured I would answer! And if you have a question, send it in. You can just leave a comment.. or email me at or you can also just use the form on my contact page. I'll pretty much answer anything so send those questions in. 

Tomorrow I am going to try to finish laundry.. pick up the house a little and work on emails and do some blogging. Ohh.. with a run to the grocery store. But hopefully it should be a easy day. Ohh and I will be doing a weekend in review either tomorrow night or Monday! 

Well its late and I need sleep and I want to dream of the tropics! 


K Jaggers
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