Saying Goodbye to Christmas & Family!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well its been a day of goodbyes.. Bye to Christmas.. Bye to my husband and Brandon who had to go back to work today.. and also buy to Trina and Trent who left in the early morning. I woke up to a really sweet little note ... 

telling me bye since they had got up much earlier than I did. 

Mom wasn't wasting any time in the early afternoon.. She wanted Laci, Don, Jackson and myself cleaned up asap.. Talk about a drill sargent.. she kept telling me to get out of the bed and get dressed.. hurry..hurry.. hurry!!

Our first stop was to my beloved 

Newts.. which is about the only place in this state that I actually like! 

It was time for lunch! 

No drinking.. still felt like the morning! 

I love this picture! 

Don is so nice and Jackson loves him. 

Here is Don and Mom

Can you tell I was just waking up.. 

I just slapped on some black eyeliner and barely brushed my hair. .

but my lunch sure didn't care what I looked like!

And it was really good! 

Then mom wanted to go to the mall. She wanted to go an hour away and that just wasn't going to happen with me.. It was cold and rainy and there was no way I was going that far away. 

So we settled on a mall closer.. 

And away we went store.. to store.. 

Laci and I got a little tired.. sat down on a bench and watched our mom strip a manaquin. 

It was actually pretty funny!

So we took a video! 

Enjoy.. my goofy mom! 

After we left the mall we raced.. seriously raced to the post office to mail off a box that Laci needed to send herself. 

And we made it literally 3 minutes until they locked the doors. 

Once we got home, I got busy taking down all the Christmas decorations.. 

I love Christmas but as soon as its over.. I like the decorations to come down.. Mom helped take the tree down and we had it done in about 10 minutes. I still have some decorations to take down but the living room and kitchen is back to normal. Thank goodness. 

Right now.. mom is sitting here beside me blogging. We changed her blog again.. Again you can check it out right here!! We are still working on it but she really wanted a more clean look.. .so that's what we did! 

Tomorrow mom, Laci and Don leave bright and early. They are suppose to get me up for coffee first.. which should be fun being its already 2am.. but thankfully I can go back to sleep afterwards! I plan on making a video tomorrow of some of my favorite gifts! I got a lot of great items.. and not all store bought. I'm serious.. some of the best gifts I got.. were homemade! Mom and I are seriously thinking about doing a only homemade Christmas next year ( which will be in Texas ). I think we should do 1 store bought gift and the rest homemade. IDK.. but we will figure it out! 

Blogging should get back to normal over the next few days. I am doing good to just keep up with the nightly posts.. I really just wanted to stay current with the days and not have to post a holiday post later in the week. So I am happy that I was able to stay current. I still have to load all the Christmas Day pictures to fb but that can happen over the next couple of days. 

So tomorrow is already here.. and I am sleepy. The house is going back to normal tomorrow.. with the exception that Jackson is out of school until after the new year. 

So I wish you a great Thursday and I will talk to you guys soon! 


K Jaggers
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