Rainy Afternoon...

Monday, December 10, 2012

What a gloomy afternoon. I just got home from taking Jackson to the Dr. and we got soaked coming back to the car. I came home and threw some comfy sweats and happy to be in. I should run to CVS later but I might just put it off until tomorrow. I should be doing some stuff around the house but the rain is making me more lazy than normal! =) 

I don't think I am cooking tonight. We have left overs and husby won't be home till after 8pm. I'm pretty sure they all can find something on their own. I still need to clean the kitchen up some but it should be a rather relaxing night. I am trying to figure out what movie to do a review on and will hopefully have it up sometime tonight. I am also going to be starting up a weekly beauty review because I am so behind with reviews. I will be starting that some time this week too. 

I do have some kitty news. I am happy to report that I am 99% sure Gabby is pregnant. Unless I have x-rays taken, its not always so easy to tell when one of our kittys is pregnant. But all signs point to it right now and within a couple weeks, I should know. Willow has been in heat for over a week now and I think she is likely to get pregnant also. So it should be a lot of fun with 2 litters of bouncing Persian kittens! If you think your family might want one.. you can check out my website right here!! There is a kitty application you can fill out. They usually sell out fast so don't wait too long! 

Anyway.. time to get my ass motivated around here. 

Hope your staying warm and dry this afternoon! 

K Jaggers
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