Peaceful Day..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Its been a rather lazy kind of day around here. Its rained almost all day long and it sure didn't help motivate me. Instead I grabbed a glass of tea and went outside and sat down on the front porch and watched it rain. 

All day it stayed gloomy. Thankfully today 

Super Cooper was feeling better. I hung out inside until Jackson came off the school bus.. then it was time to head to the Dr. 

Check up day.. 

Gosh the things he tells the Dr is nuts. One thing he told him was.. I am now taking him to school because Scott has to leave early. He told the Dr. he likes Scott taking him because I am a drill Sargent in the mornings. Ha! Thanks Jackson. He also told the Dr. that he hasn't been sleeping well because I don't like air conditioning and Jackson wakes up hot all the time. Hummmmm... He sure had a lot to say today! Speaking of Jackson.. check out the Santa talk we had.. it was pretty intense.. to read it in full click here

We got home and we pretty much just rested and took the evening easy. 

I woke up all the cats that were sleeping on all the clean laundry that I had to put away.. and you can see that ....

Romeo didn't look too happy either! 

I have been so tired the past few days. I don't think any amount of sleep is going to make this go away. I am not sure what is going on but I really want to feel better. I slept a lot today.. and I was kinda ashamed of it. The odd thing is, I don't wake up feeling better. Again, I think I might be getting sick. If I am.. I just wish it would come so I can get it over with before Christmas. The weather has been really nice - besides the rain - here. Tonight I am sleeping with my window open. God knows those yappy dogs of my neighbors will surly wake me up later but I am really enjoying the breeze. 

Tomorrow I plan to try to get more accomplished around the house. Brandon is off tomorrow too so he will be home with me too. Its such long days without Scott that I am day dreaming about Friday when he is off work. However, he wants to clean carpets so it might be a long day. We have a lot to do for Christmas. And before I know it, our house will be filled up with guest so I have to get busy.. and I am taking husbys help. You know.. last Friday on his day off.. I woke up to the most amazing gift. The kitchen was really cleaned. The night before.. I just went to bed and didn't get it cleaned up. It was a disaster. When I walked into the
kitchen... I really thought...

He really loves me.

I was so freaking happy when I saw that kitchen cleaned up. That is sexy to me. He knew what a big job it was and did it all before he ever woke me up. And he brought me coffee in bed that morning.. See why I miss him? He seriously is the love of my life and does such a great job of taking care of me. That doesn't mean I don't want to ring his neck sometimes but he is amazing. 

Tonight we just laid back and watched a movie. It was a struggle for him to stay up. Sorry I didn't get the movie review up. I decided to change it after going to the red box but I didn't get to watch it until late. So I might do it tomorrow or it might pop up next Monday.. not sure yet. Also I decided to put my November Favorites video off and just roll the products into a December video. It just makes more sense. 

Well.. I need sleep! 

Have a great Tuesday

K Jaggers
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