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Monday, December 31, 2012

I haven't really been without Jackson overnight in a looong time. Let me tell you.. when he pulled out of the driveway with his father and sister.. my stomach dropped. First off, My 2 greatest loves was being driven around by ex husband.. and the mom in me started worrying about them getting in an accident. Then, I go pick up Jacksons room and 


fed the fish .. and just a second I lost my breath missing him and he had not been gone 5 minutes.. Missing Brittany too. I am so honored to be their mother. I am far from perfect..you won't see any - Mother of the Year - awards on my mantel but I love them so much and there is no one who will ever care about them as much as I do. Never. And we laugh together more than anything else.. so that alone should carry with them the rest of their lives. Tonight, I have had to keep myself from psycho calling Jackson. Sigh.. Come on Tuesday! I do want them to have a good time though and I hope they make a ton of great memories. 

Brittany brought my Christmas Presents.. ♥

Of course she had to get a kitty cat bag! 

She got me this mirror for the bathtub.. which I love! 

It has these suction cups to hold it in place.. 

and it makes taking off my make up much easier! 

Then she got me these make up bags and 

with some brushes..

Really cute eye brow brush! And some hand sanatizer, nail polish, and eye shadow! She knows me huh!?

And then she gave me the best gift of all! 

She mad this in school.. its a dream catcher.. 


There is nothing as precious as the kids homemade gifts.. and now its hanging on the lamp right 

beside the bed.. 

so cute! 

She also got me this coffee cup...

I will use often! 

Thank you princess for being so thankful. I love you so much! And I love each one of the gifts!

Once the kids left, I got busy making some videos and getting the house together some. But its pretty picked up already. Then I did take time to sit back and blog. 

I got 3 big posts done today.. 

which is the post of Brittany and her dad getting here.. having a great time with Jackson. 

Get entered to win a cute butter dish above which is available in many colors! Good luck! 

This is a huge post that took a lot of time but I think its worth having it to look back on in years to come! Check it out! And if you want.. do it too and link up! 

 Super happy to get all three of them up.. and that gives me time tomorrow to get more posts done.. along with cleaning the house some.. I need to mop the kitchen floor and I also need to run out the store tomorrow. Don't really wan to do it but I seriously need to pick up a few things. So it looks I am going to run a few errands. I plan on making a french toast casserole for Tuesday brunch when they come back. I was going to make it over Christmas but didn't. So I got most things but got to pick up a couple forgotten items plus got to figure out what's for dinner this week. It should be pretty simple. We don't want anything too heavy after such a filling Christmas. But I do plan on making Chicken Fried steak tomorrow or this upcoming week sometime and thats a little heavier than what I prefer.. but its a request from husby! 

Also tomorrow I should be videoing a big AVON haul - gift. My sister in law sells Avon and I had a lot of requests and she got me a lot of stuff.. plus a lot of samples. I plan on going over all of it.. maybe a short review on a couple items and it will be a video/post. Super exited to go through it all because then I can start using it! I actually have used a couple of things already! 

Well its late.. I need to try to get some sleep.. and hopefully with Brittany's little dream catcher, I will have some amazing dreams! 

Have a great Monday! 

K Jaggers
3 comments on "On My Mind.. "
  1. Gotta admit I am the same way with my son. It's hard to even have my husband take him in the other room without me freaking out a little. I know it's a bit obsessive, but I can't help it. You either miss them or worry about them or think about all the fun things you could be doing with them instead. Well Tuesday is just around the corner. Just a few more hours. :D

  2. @ Mom - Yes the dream catcher is adorable! I looove it!
    @ Stephanie.. Your right.. just a few more hours and they will be back. Can't wait. I didn't think it would be so hard but I seriously miss him and I almost feel sick over it. But as long as they are having a great time and he comes home soon, I can handle it! Hope you are having a great New Year!


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