Not Feeling Good = Online Shopping..

Friday, December 14, 2012

Its been a long day of a little boy not feeling good.. then in the early afternoon I got a sore throat from HELL and then Scott gets home and he's not feeling good either. So we have a quiet house tonight. Jackson was asleep by 9. Scott and I was also laying in bed by 9 pm too. 

Well I am no longer totally behind on Christmas. Woooo-hoooo!! 

I got my mom, Don, Brittany, and part of Zanes gifts bought.. which is a good start. I have many more to go but sitting back in my fluffy bed shopping makes all the difference. Seriously.. its wonderful! 
I didn't even cook tonight. None of us felt like eating anyway..well, I did warm up some left over 

KFC mashed potatoes and it was perfect for a sore throat. Brandon had some cereal and Scott and Jackson didn't eat at all. I am thinking Jackson is going to feel good enough to go to school tomorrow. Scott is off work and we plan on doing a lot of shopping. I think we might just go out and get each others gifts tomorrow. He wants a new laptop or something.. I want a new camera so a trip to Best Buy is going to happen. We plan on making a day of it. So I won't be blogging much tomorrow. I will try to get Friday letters up before we leave but I am not sure that will happen or not.. but I'll try. 

Well.. its 1am and I done. Time for bed because tomorrow is going to be a long day.


K Jaggers