Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am just getting where I can sit down and take a break for a few minutes before I get up and get back at it. In a few minutes I have to start wrapping gifts. YES.. I am actually wrapping a few gifts tonight. If I wait on my husband its going to be a big job for him so I am going to do a few myself. I am not that great at it..and I don't spend a lot of money on wrapping them either. It all goes in the garbage anyway. No thank you. But I am wrapping them! 

I have had a busy day around the house. If you look around you don't really notice that I have done a lot. I have been decorating and doing all kinds of odd jobs. Including get the Christmas cards addressed and out in the mail. If you want to check them out click here! I seriously need to clean my bathroom. The master bathroom is really big and its pretty much the kitty room where I feed them and have where they have a box. Well... they are messy kittys.. and it really needs cleaned. So I am doing that about 8pm or so. Dinner tonight is nothing I am going to brag about. I am going to take some smoked sausage and cut it in half and then fry it up.. let the boys make quick sandwiches with it and throwing in some quick cooking pasta and thats dinner. I figure they might moan and groan about it but its food.. and they will eat it or find something else. =) I am not even hungry so I wouldn't mind not cooking tonight. But at least I am making something. 

Tomorrow I have to really spend the day cleaning up around here.There is so much to do and I am having everyone help but the next few days are going to be crazy. I am going to try to get most of Thursday's post done tonight... and then Friday's done early too otherwise they are not going to get up. Tomorrow starts a very busy next 6 days. 

I am trying to find the motivation to get my tired ass up and getting the next thing checked off my ever growing list. 

Ohh.. check out our adorable granddaughter Ashlynn. 

Too freaking cute! I wish they could have came this year but they just couldn't do it. Maybe next year! 

Well.. I need to get moving or I will fall asleep.. and I want to get a few things done before I get in a hot bath and then crawl in my bed. 

K Jaggers
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