My Saturday..

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Its 1pm here but good morning to you all! I just got up and it felt amazing sleeping in. The yard guys are here working on getting the yard cleaned up and when they started up those leaf blowers.... I woke right up. But they are just doing what they are supposed to do and they didn't come before noon. =) I hate to be so rude but they have been warned to NEVER show up before 12pm otherwise I will fire them. I am pretty sure they know how serious I am because after the first 8am mow...we had a long talk! 

I think in a few minutes, I am going to get cleaned up and head out to get a Secret Santa gift. I have no idea what it will be but I think I am going right back to Hallmark to find something. I didn't really want to leave today but I really need to find something. I am thinking I am just going to wear some comfy sweats and call it a day. I don't want to get dressed up at all today. 

Last night I gave myself a haircut. I gave myself some bangs.. and trimmed up the edges of my bob. I had to put the sissors down pretty fast otherwise I might not have had hair. Everyone keeps asking me.. why I cut my hair myself most of the time. Well.. I have had some bad experiences and I just prefer to do it myself and I am actually pretty good at it. I am better on myself that cutting other peoples hair. My bangs were growing out so long that they were always in my eyes. I hated it.. so I trimmed it up! 

Well I am going to clean up.. go do my errands and come back and enjoy the rest of the day here at the house.

Anyway, have a beautiful weekend.. I'll be back when I can! 


K Jaggers
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