My Day..

Monday, December 24, 2012

My day started out pretty early... which wasn't easy..Thankfully the coffee was hot and I was able to get moving about pretty quickly. We all slept in so we all felt better. 

We took off to the airport and on the way we picked up breakfast..   

Have you ever tried the oatmeal from Mc Donalds? Its really good. I get a few things of butter and about 3 or so sugars and its delicious! Really good. 

After a while, we got to the airport.. 

which was so busy.. 

Tons of cars..

Got her! 

Say hi to Laci! 

Once we got home.. I got busy making potato soup... 

And tonight we all ate when we wanted. Just get a bowl and serve yourself. 

Which worked out really well! 

We all had a great night together.. 

Jackson was all smiles!!

I escaped upstairs to wrap more presents.. 

And my husband sneaked to a hot bath.. and yes.. I walked in there with my camera and got a few pictures! 

Clearly.. there are some pictures that won't be put on here. 

We even made time to skype with Brittany! 

Laci had a lot of fun talking with her! 

Mom finally made it in.. and started on packages right away!

Laci & Brandon! 

More gifts..

Laci and Brandon started a little project together. 

Mom was having a blast! 

There is husby.. and he was acting funny and the shot snapped at a weird time! 

Here is Mr. Don.. He's sick right now. =(

Mom had a smile on her face the entire time! 

I love this picture! 

Looks like a its going to be a great Christmas! 

And that trunk.. is mine!! 

And its filled up! 

Laci turned into an elf.. 

Mom got her a " household box " that she got to open tonight. Laci is in college and she always needs this kind of stuff! 

Mom wasn't feeling the pictures tonight.. but that didn't stop me! 

Scott and I finally retired to bed. 

And all the kittys are in here with us! 

Then we got mom and Laci.. and Jackson! 

Its fun having them here! We are all having a great time. I got really tired and even fell asleep in the car a few times but thankfully I am in bed now and done for the night. 

Mom and Sammy in the bed too! 

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve so I have a lot of cooking to do.. and a lot of entertaining. I won't be blogging until the night.. and that's if I feel like it.

Anyway, I wish you all a VERY


We are having a great time together and tomorrow even Scotts Sister Trina and her husband are coming down too. =) So I better get some rest so I can make it through the day.. and maybe a afternoon nap if I get everything done!


K Jaggers

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