Monday, December 17, 2012

Gosh.. my happy weekend is now over. That damn rooster ( my alarm ringtone )got me up bright and early.. and I HATE it!! Thankfully.. If I really need to.. I can take a little nap this afternoon. I hate to do that when I have so much to be done but sometimes its just necessary. I didn't get to sleep until late. I was menu planning at 2am for this upcoming week. I think Jackson is out of school on Thursday and then he is out for Christmas break.. which will be nice because the alarm clock will be OFF! This morning he was pretty grumpy again. Yep.. he didn't want to get out of the bed. I don't really blame him but I just hope he gets in a better mood before he comes home. Ohhh.. when I dropped him off, there was a police officer standing at the entrance. That kinda made me feel better but I won't lie.. I don't like sending him to school. If I thought I could actually do it in a good way, I would totally home school my kids because I don't want to worry about something tragic happening. When he got out of the car.. I prayed..and I had tears running down my face. It really puts things in prescriptive when so many young children were victims this past week. Its totally heart breaking. 

I have got a bunch of emails lately about couponing. I will get back to posting coupon deals eventually but I just don't have all the time I need to be able to do that. So sorry.. I am trying my best to keep up with the freebies post.. but I missed a lot of great ones last week.. which was pretty disappointing but again.. time is limited right now. 

Its been raining all morning and suppose to rain this afternoon too. I don't want to have to go out to the store but we really need stuff and I just couldn't talk Scott into going with me this weekend..  Booooooo!! I might even do a food haul video later. Speaking of videos, I have a yummy homemade soup coming up later today.  I also have some other shopping to do. I know I said it was a no buy month but I am running really low so I am going to pick some more up later today. I also have to get some tape to wrap gifts up. Gosh.. so much to do. I think I will work around here until about lunch time and then do some shopping and go to the post office.

I hope you have a beautiful Monday.


K Jaggers
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