Loooong Day ( Photo Dump )

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My day was busy to say the least. It started at 715 and right now its 1am and I will be back up at 715 tomorrow. Yuck..But I stayed up all day and got tons accomplished. 

I worked around the house picking up.. tossing laundry around.. putting laundry up..and just getting things picked up. I also took a little time to get some posts done and up. 

By 1130 I was out heading to CVS.

I had some things to pick up and I am glad I went because I walked out with.. 

YEA!!!!!! I seriously LOOOOOOOOVE the CVS rewards program. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. 

My next stop was to the grocery store... which took some time. 

I took a pretty detailed list.. and this is pretty much for just this week. I got a lot of convenience foods. I have to be in the kitchen a lot getting ready for Christmas and I don't want to be cooking big meals. I will have a video haul video up tomorrow of all the stuff I got today. 

This is how it looked outside when I came out of the store. it rained all day long. 

and it wasn't fun trying to get all this stuff in the car and stay dry. 

Then I got held up in traffic for about 10 minutes while a bunch of dump trucks 

made their way to where they were going. 

I then ran to the Dollar Store and got some household stuff I needed. I had a $5 off coupon for $25 and over purchase. I find that unless I am at Walmart the cheapest place for paper towels.. paper plates.. all that kind of stuff the best place to go is to the Dollar Store. 

And I got some reasonably priced wrapping paper too! =) 

It seems like on the days I have to big shopping to do.. no one is around to bring it all in. 

I was seriously wore out after bringing this stuff in. 

This year we are doing stockings in a box. This is something my mom came up with and it seems like a hit.. others seem to like the idea too! 

I found these really cute boxes.. 

 And while I was out.. I got Super Cooper a bone.. which he loved..

I ended up putting him on the lead out on the front porch for a while with it. 

And I got busy making this yummy 

We needed a dessert for the week and this cake is freaking amazing. 

Pretty simple to make.. Get bunt pan ready.. get cake mix ready. 

Pour it in.. then mix up the fudge 

and bake. 

Let cool 20 minutes in pan.. then invert. 

Top it with the glaze of your choice. Here I am using a store bought glaze.. 

And I added some sprinkles just to make it fun! 

Its so good.. its gooey inside and we will have no problem eating this up. I don't mind using a store cake mix for a weekday dessert. Why not take a little help?

Dinner tonight was super easy and not so glamorous.. 

Chili cheese dogs and homemade fries. And yea.. check out the paper plates. I'm serious ... I am doing things so simple this week. I have a lot to do in the kitchen already and I just don't want to cook big dinners. So the boys have to live with what I pick out this week. Tomorrow is the only " normal dinner night" being we are having and the rest of the week.. its all about fast and easy. 

I did a lot of laundry today and sweet little Gabby slept all through it. 

I think she looks precious there. 

As the night went on, I talked Scott into wrapping some gifts for me.. So I treated myself to a little bit of this.. 

Chocolate Orange

and watched him get busy! 

I hate wrapping gifts.. and he doesn't mind so I let him do as much wrapping as he wants. =)

He went out to the garage for something and found this box that had been delivered. I didn't even know it was there.. 

Its my wreath from my mom.. 

I love these wreaths and she has got me one for 2 years now. I looooove it.. 

Scott got it hung up. 

It looks great! 

Thank you mom... it sure looks pretty on the door and it smells really good too! 

Speaking of mom.. her giveaway ended.. Brooke from California won it! So I got it ready and Scott is taking it in with him tomorrow to mail. 

I have 2 boxes to take to the post office myself tomorrow so I am happy he is taking the bigger box! 

I got this really cute picture of Scott and Romeo tonight.. 

I love them both so much. My other guy was grumpy this morning.. didn't want to get out of bed and was mad at me for making him go to school tired. I put him to bed at 9 last night and at 130am he came to me and told me he couldn't sleep.. so I did what any good mother would do.. - marched him right back to bed - He told me when he got home he fell asleep in class because I woke him up too early and didn't let him get enough sleep.. Well... I fixed him up tonight. He was in bed with the tv and computer off at 8pm and sound asleep by 830. So I doubt he will say I didn't let him get enough sleep. It backfired on him because he just ended up going to be early. But I think he needed it and I am hoping he is feeling better in the morning. 

Its late.. I have another busy day tomorrow. Hopefully I only have 1 errand to run.. and the rest of the time will be cleaning the house up. Ohhh tonight at dinner we had a family meeting. I let all 3 of the boys know about it before hand and you would have thought they were meeting with the principle or something. They were all grumbling through the house that we are having a " meeting" and mom has all the notes on her phone. It was pretty funny. I couldn't believe their reaction but it made me laugh. We have a lot going on over the holidays and I had a lot to discuss with them. Not nearly as exciting as they were making it out to be! 

Gotta go to bed. 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers
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  1. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. I need that cat mug, it's so cute! Also, your dog + cat are adorable. :)


  2. wow looks like you had a good shopping trip!

    oooooo chocolate

    I love the wreath!


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