Late Night..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Its really late and I should really be sleeping but here I am! Scott and I had some errands to run after he got home which took up a lot of my time tonight. And he didn't even get here till after 8pm. He's off work tomorrow and guess what? 

I get to sleep in! 

Totally happy about that. Scott has a Dr. apt early in the morning so he is taking Jackson to school. I can't tell you how happy I am that I don't have to get up. I have already got everything all ready.. from his clothes laid out.. shoes too, breakfast money so he can eat breakfast there if he wants, homework in back pack, morning note and vitamins. So hes ready for morning. 

It was a weird kind of day for me. Its started out early.. I took a nap in the early afternoon.. didn't really feel myself most of the day and then in the evening.. I did homework, got dinner done...and then ran errands with Scott. We got home and sat back for an hour and watched Greys Anatomy before we both came upstairs and took a showers. Again.. I love the water heater being on the highest temp because it allows us both to take showers at the same time. LOVE IT. 

I am nervous that husby won't let me sleep in too long tomorrow. We have a lot to do so its going to be a busy day. I am super happy to be spending it with him since hes been working so much. 

Anyway, have a great Friday! 


K Jaggers
2 comments on "Late Night.. "
  1. My hubby and rotate "whose turn it is to sleep in" when we're both available to...more often than not, I have to forfeit because I'm wired to not sleep in past 8 or so...but it still gets me excited knowing that I could if I wanted to! lol

  2. It is always nice when you get to sleep in especially if the weather outside is nasty and cold and you just want to cuddle. :) Your new follower via blog hop!

    Adin B


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