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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
I am linking up with Jen over at Perfectly Imperfect for a weekly instagram link up.. You guys know how I feel about my beloved instagram! I think it has to be one of the best photo sharing apps out there.. LOVE IT! 

So here we go! 

1. Cocoa puffs in bed last night! Super yummy! 

2. Romeo and I.. can you tell he was grumpy!?

3. A sweet little letter from Jackson last week. I had a couple late errands to run and had this waiting on me when I got home!

4. Again.. Romeo.. this time looking hungry! 

5. Feeling the pecan pie this week! 

6. Very nice night with husby... Nothing better than cuddling up in his arms. 

7. I made some yummy brownie bites this week... super yummy!

8. Denny's Coffee.. the only thing that kept me going last Friday! 

9. One of my new wallflowers from Bath & Body.. The scent is winter time.. and it smells really good! 

10. Jackson enjoying a good book while waiting for the Dr. 

11. My boys ♥

12. My 2nd Wallflower I got.. This time I got it for a Secret Santa gift.. but I didn't realize London doesn't have a Bath & Body works so they wouldn't be able to get refills.. so this one is now living in the kitchen area and it smells like frosted gingerbread! Love it! 

13. Shopping with both boys = EXHAUSTION. 

14. Shorter days.. the sun has been setting around here about 5pm and I DON"T LIKE IT! 

15. Pecan pie in bed... starting to see a pattern with eating in bed! 

16. Sweet Pregnant Gabby.. can't wait for kittens! 

Happy Wednesday! 

K Jaggers

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  1. Love a good insta-dump.

    xo, Emily


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