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Wednesday, December 5, 2012
I am linking up with Jen over at Perfectly Imperfect for a weekly instagram link up.. You guys know how I feel about my beloved instagram! I think it has to be one of the best photo sharing apps out there.. LOVE IT! So this link up is totally up my ally! 

So here we go! 

1. Laying in bed last night enjoying a yummy mochachino!

2. I enjoyed taking Cooper for a walk a few days ago. I tend to NOT walk the dog as much as I should have but we both loved it the other day!

3. There is 2 of our 4 kittys.. Gypsy is the little one.. and boy is she is trouble with a capital T...and that is my love Romeo beside of her!

4. That lantern is a very good example of the kind of  bullshit my husband tends to buy! =)

5. There is that husby of mine with Romeo.. Gosh, I love that picture!

6. There is Jackson and I.. Another one of my favorite pictures!

7. Homemade chili mac I made the other night.. and it was super good!

8. I got the Christmas lights hung up on my own!! Scott has been working a lot of hours and I was tired of waiting on him!

9. Today's manicure is Essie Mochacino. LOVE IT.. and will have better swatches up in the next day or so!

10. There's my Jackson and Gypsy.. now that is really double trouble!

11. Can you find the kitty!?

12. My nephew Brandon who is now living with us got his new computer last night.. and he was super happy!

13.  Found this box of hot chocolate cupcakes at Walmart and was in love!!

14. Don't they look pretty!? I will have a review on these up in a couple days too!

15. Novembers Rolling Stone had our President on it.. and guess what!? I loved it!

16. Romeo and I enjoying the great North Carolina December weather the other day! I don't really like it here but 73 degree winter days is pretty amazing!

Have a great day! 

K Jaggers

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  1. Ok seriously, I just fell in love with your photos! And I feel the same way about Instagram!

    Your cats are adorable and so similar to the grumpy cats I've seen online :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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