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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You guys know what I think of Instagram.. I loooooove it!! And yes, I know all about the instragram drama with selling photos.. Just so everyone knows.. that is not happening and they issued a statement/apology for the misunderstanding. None of our photos will be sold...which is great because it was going to be really hard for me to give them up! 

Here's this weeks Instagram pictures.


 1. Looks like Romeo is telling me its dinner time! 
2. Cocoa Puffs in bed.. Oh yes! 
3. Super easy make up day using drug store only products
4. Homemade Minestrone Soup in the making! 
5. Here I am.. running errands
 6. Computer time with a late night snack! 
7. One cat pissing off the other cat.. in the middle of the night! 
8. Dinner for a sore throat 
9. Cooper got himself a new " duck duck " which made him very happy! 
10. Romeo looks dead! =\
 11. New camera.. that I took back and replaced with a smaller one. 
12. Romeo wanting my lunch.. why am I not suprised. 
13. Lunch at Panera Bread with husby. 
14. Jackson loving skype to talk to his dad and sister! 
15.Lush Ocean Salt Scrub.. Looooove! 
 21. Fresh new day. YUCK! 
22. Grocery Shopping.. but
23. I hated having to carry it all in by myself! 
24. Doing Stockings in a box this year.. mom's idea! 
25. My chocolate bunt cake looks like a giant donut huh? Its actually super good! 
26. Testing out the Physician's Formula Fake Out Mascara.. review will be coming soon. 
27. Waiting at Mickey D's for 7 freaking minutes waiting on a chicken sandwich. Boooooo! 
28. But it was really yummy! 
29. Snow Globes make me happy happy! 
30. Wednesday Morning.. pumping as much coffee in me as possible! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

K Jaggers
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