Monday, December 10, 2012

Morning friends. I just got back from taking Jackson to school and I am hoping that in a few minutes I will be able to get back to sleep. I seriously hate mornings. I am wanting summer to get here fast so we can sleep in. Jackson doesn't really like getting up early either but he's doing much better with it than I am. He is such a happy little boy. Over the weekend he was bursting at the seams.. he is all smiles.. all laughs.. and its such a honor to be his mom. He seriously makes me laugh at everything.

I don't plan on leaving the house anymore today. Its not to messy around here either which means it won't be as hard to clean up. I still need to vacuum and dust and wipe down the bathrooms. But if I move fast I should have it done in no time.

It was hard for everyone of us to get up this morning. Scott woke up late.. thankfully he ironed last night.. Brandon got up a few minutes late but did make it out of here on time and I had trouble getting up too. Scott woke me before the rooster on my phone.. and then it took a few minutes to get Jackson's butt out of bed. Then I had to listen to all the great reasons he should be allowed to skip school today. Ha! Guess where he is at???  =)

Its really warm here this morning. I drove Jackson to school in a t-shirt and felt totally warm enough. Its 55 right now and its a foggy morning.


I think its suppose to rain later... perfect for staying in!

Anyway, I hope you have a great Monday!


K Jaggers

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  2. I'm not really much of a morning person either, especially when I spend all day chasing around my 2 toddlers. Stopping by and following you from the GFC Blog Hop. Stop by my blog if you can and please follow me back.



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