Happy Weekend!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello! I hope you are having a great weekend! I hit the floor running and Jackson and I have out on the town all afternoon long. Thankfully I am home now and can relax for a little while. I seriously need to clean up around here some but that's just not happening for a while. 

So today I got up at 10am.. so much for sleeping in huh? Jackson woke up right around the same time. I thought we would get up and go get some breakfast together and then do our running but he wasn't hungry so we took an hour in the bed cuddling and watching the news and then we were off. 

We took off to the mall.. to get an ornament for a swap I entered and then we did some shopping at Walmart..We then went and picked up one of his little friends.. got some sandwiches at subway and then Jackson's school had a gift show thing going on so I took the 2 boys to go check things out. 

Both boys got these weird bracelets and I ended up buying a 

Magnet and then this decal for my car.. but I am not sure I will put it on or not. 

Its not one of those decals that just sticks to the window. So maybe! I NEVER put stickers on my car.. but I might make an exception for this because its not really a sticker! 

Scott won't be home till about 7 but I am so happy he is not working tomorrow. He is also off on Fridays from now on which is also nice but I hate that I will have to wait all week long to be able to spend the day with him. I think next Friday we are heading to school to have lunch with Jackson and then we are going to spend the day at the DMV. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun huh? 

I did get my phone exchanged yesterday and its working great now. It isn't crazy how long it takes to set up a cell phone. I have been working like crazy to get all the apps back and to get it all set up. That's why I haven't been taking as many pictures.. but Instagram is back up and I will be back to my normal crazy picture habit soon! =) 

Well I have tons to do but I will be back when I can! 


K Jaggers
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