Goldfish Cleaning..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

You know what I have realized.. Jackson gets all the beauty of the really cool fish tank and Scott and I get all the work of it. YIKES.. And we have a bunch of really nice goldfish and they are messy fish. So you have to clean their tanks more than you would for other fish. I just went in there..checked it all out and boy do I have a lot of work on my hands today. 

Not only do I need to clean up the fishes house, I also have to get the room cleaned up. Jackson's dad is coming and I think his bedroom should be clean for that.. HOWEVER, Jackson is at his friends house playing ( I just dropped him off ) so I get that job too. Hummmm... guess its all about Jackson today for cleaning. I did so much already..The master bed and bath are really clean and I only have a few rooms left. Hopefully if I can get motivated, I will get most of it done today. 

Brittany will be here this time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Super happy about that. Shes not too happy that her dad is dragging her to the waterpark when she can just stay here but he paid for her tickets.. so I understand that too.. and I think its important that she spends sometime with her brother. Like it or day their father and I won't be here and they will only have each other. So that's a pretty important relationship. My mom isn't too happy about her having to go. I wish they could do both. 

Well its time I get busy..=/

Hope you have a great day. I'll be back when I can! 

K Jaggers
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