Getting Tired..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I am laid up in my dreamy bed right now trying to relax from a night of cleaning. I took about 4 hours from about 10pm till now really cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. Gosh.. its crazy how much stuff I that I simply just threw away tonight. Thank goodness I made the time because it looks 1000x better and it feels better too. If my house is a cluttered mess.. my head is too. With the holidays behind us.. I can put away all the Christmas stuff and get things de -cluttered around here. It will make it much easier to pack up when I need to. We have been on the hunt for a new bedroom set but I have yet to find the one I really want and I don't see the point in buying something that I will just have to move in a few months. But my bed seriously feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. So who cares about it not being in a set.. I sleep and dream like a baby in that bed!
Today I had to go out to get some groceries.. God knows, I didn't want to go out in the cold weather. I personally would have rather starved than go shopping today but I couldn't let the boys go hungry so out I went. 

I did my best to hurry and was in and out pretty fast. 

I was freezing. Its awful for me.. When its cold outside my body tenses up and my muscles start to ache. Its just makes me feel really bad. I am hoping the warm sunshine in Florida will make me feel better. I don't know exactly when we will move but I know it will be before or during summer. I am so happy. I just want to get south..find me a small Florida house will a pool and and start living the life we have been wanting for a long while. I think the sunshine will do us all good. 

Today, we didn't really have sunshine around here. Instead we had cold windy weather that just goes right through me. 

I had the fireplace 

going all day long. 

I was pretty lazy in the morning and afternoon. I just didn't feel like doing anything. Jackson and I are really loving sleeping in and taking it easy. Tomorrow we have a lot of cleaning to do. I have to work on the fish tank because it really needs cleaned out. Plus Jackson needs to help clean his room before his father gets here.. and I also have to pack him up. He's super excited about going but he wasn't at first.. He told me today.. 

" I will AGREE to go if → The Hotel Has Wifi ←

OMG.. This coming from a 10 year old.. I am going to do a { Mommy Post } about this in the coming days because I sure have some feelings about it. Believe me..I was shocked he said that. Actually, I have 2 mommy posts coming up. Stay Tuned!


Christmas dinner was so heavy.. the past few nights I have been switching it up.. 

Tonight it was 

serve yourself pasta and it was really good. I have a lot of left overs too so that just means there will be one night this week that I don't have to cook. Or maybe I will save it till Sunday for Brittany, Art, and Jackson before they take off to the waterpark.

 I don't really care for having my ex husband hang out at my house but for the kids.. Scott and I can handle it. I think my ex husband is bringing some guns and shooting them off the back deck with Jackson. Not like I agree with that but every man in my house out votes me. We can shoot guns in this neighborhood and they take full advantage of it. Then on Tuesday I think he is going to stay a few hours too. Maybe Jackson can take him down to the creek while I enjoy some time with Brittany. 

I have a lot to do while Jackson is away. I figure I will wash all his bedding and make some much needed desk time. I am also going to put together a  " Florida Wall " so we really get going on the move. I am serious.. its time to get it going. First thing is to find my husband a job and then find us a house. We found one that just might be open in a couple of months when we are ready to move down. I am still trying to find a way to make it happen in the next 4 weeks but realistically it will be 8 -12 weeks. But at least its happening!  I also have a lot of posts and videos that I need and want to get done. Lots and Lots of good stuff coming up! 

I played around with Romeo tonight.. isn't he adorable? 

I am going to try the pink hat on a couple of the females sometime soon and see if I can get more cute pictures! =) 

Well .. time for bed! 

Have a great Saturday! 


K Jaggers
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  1. I need pasta in my life I will be having some today!

    I hate grocery shopping so much that my husband does it all LOL


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