Friday Letters!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Scott, YEA!!! A day off. Gosh, I have missed you. I hope we have a wonderful day together. Its going to be busy but at least we are spending it together. Dear Mom, you have been so busy the last couple of days. I miss you too! Can’t wait till Christmas! Thank you so much for coming here.. I wish we could have traveled there but it just wasn’t possible this year with Jackson. Its going to be a full house but it will be great! Dear Brittany, you seriously are the cutest ever. I just love talking, texting, and skyping with you. Summer is coming! Dear Mr. Mike, thanks for pulling out in front of me the other morning and making and then driving super slow. I had to follow you for a while and it drove me crazy! Dear Grandma, I hope you are feeling better. I hate that we don’t talk like we use to. I just know its not that easy for you to have conversations anymore. I think about you every day. Dear Jackson, you are doing great in school except in math. I don’t understand it much either but we need to get that grade up. I love you. Dear Willow & Romeo, Sorry you are locked in the bathroom right now. We just can’t stand to watch you mating all the time. I want the kittens but you both need some privacy right now. Dear Hair, You look so much better now that all the grey is covered up. I actually really love the color! Dear Kitchen, you’re a wreck. I hate to think about cleaning you up tonight. I bet I don’t even get it all done before Saturday. Its crazy how fast you can get messed up. Dear Dad, I miss you.. I really just want to dream about you. Come see. Dear Readers, you guys are so amazing. Thank you for sharing our life, sharing your comments, sharing your wonderful blogs. It means a lot to me that maybe we will touch your lives even if it just in a simple kind of way. I love getting to know you and hope you have a 

wonderful weekend!

K Jaggers

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