Early Start.. Late Stop.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh my gosh you guys.. its been an extremely long day. I am shocked that I am even blogging but here I am. We got an earlier start than what I expected. Scott and I were gone by 10am. Scott says it was later.. but it wasn't. 

We took off for some breakfast first...Waffle House. Yea.. not too glamorous but I like their coffee and eggs are the same everywhere. 

See that guy at the back of Scott with the hat on.. He came in with 2 dozen red long stemmed roses that he handed out to all the waitresses. It was freaking adorable.. They loved it too.. 

Breakfast came.. 

 and it was good. 

We then went to Walmart and did as much shopping there as we could. 

Waiting in line pretty much took as long as shopping did.. and we were in there a long time. 

It was packed too. 

Then we were off to .. 

The Mall
Big Lots
Game Stop
Shoe Sensation

Finally around 430 pm we were on our way home.. and this time the sun was going down. 

The sky was beautiful. 

We came home.. I wrapped some gifts for a while.. then we were back out to the Dollar Store and back to the mall for a forgotten item. And the mall is 20 minutes one way. So then we come back home.. at this point its 6pm and I just start wrapping gifts. Yea.. I didn't enjoy it and I wasn't so good at it.

First off.. the in the picture above you can really see how the tree is tilting.. thanks kitty cats. They seriously climb it and swing from it all the time. Looks like I have some work to do before Christmas to get it fixed up. 

Then see all those gifts I so badly wrapped? Look at the red one on the far left on top of the blue box. I guess I didn't tape it up too well huh? Yea.. gift wrapping is not my thing. Then the really tall gift that is against the wall. Guess what? I only wrapped the front! OMG... that's terrible huh!? =)) At least this year I used name tags. Last year I used a sharpie to put the names on. Wrapping is just not for me but I did it and  I am sure no one will care! 

Jackson was having a blast going through all the packages. 

It was long before Brandon got home. Then Scott took the boys out to do their shopping. And I had to go do shopping for Scott. This night was completely planned out but it was a long day. 

I stopped and got some fast food on the way home for dinner.. 

Scott picked up a 

During this time I ran upstairs to get something out of my closet. I came out and hit my arm on the bathroom doorknob. It hurt so badly. I almost got sick from the pain. At this point..4 hours later I can barely pick up a coffee cup. It hurts pretty bad. This post has took much longer than normal because I have to take breaks. I don't see a bruise yet.. but I think I damaged the muscles or nerve. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow. 

While I was out today. I did get a few things for myself.  Couldn't help it. 

I got this New Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I just had to try it out. 

Also at the mall I ended up at the Clinque Counter and got this 

High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. Foundation and mascara are my favorites...and this is an amazing mascara. Its reasonably priced and worth every penny. 

I also decided to get some samples for 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I might have to mix the two to get the right color but I am excited to test it out! 

Its been a super long day. I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I have to clean and do the grocery shopping. But at least I will be home most of the day. Right now.. I am going to take some sleep meds.. get a snack ( watching Rachel Ray.. and its making me hungry ) and then I am going to sleep. I need energy for tomorrow. 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers
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