Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hellooooo how was your day!? Around here things were pretty easy! I slept a lot in the early afternoon and then I got up and got out.. 

I had errands to run. I took off and was gone about an hour. I got what I needed to make a yummy pot of minestrone soup.. 

And that is what this list was for!!

So I got what I needed and 

I came home and got busy making.. 

a big pot of soup! 

After a while.. 

there was a big pot of soup waiting on everyone for dinner.. 

In fact, I had a rather early dinner..

The soup was really good.. and at 5:30 pm it was the first meal I had had.. Stay tuned tomorrow for a post with a step by step video on how to make this yummy soup! 

Scott got home about 8pm.. I had already done all the homework duty.. picked up the house along with the kitchen.. prepared dinner.. and Scott didn't even stay up for long.. which was ok.. because it was just a little after 8pm when I slid into a warm tub of 


hot water and bubbles. It was truly amazing! 

For the rest of the night I can't really tell you what I have done. The time went by so fast.. Well, I did do a little laundry around 10 but besides that I have been doing absolutely nothing. 

Since the soup was my first meal about an hour ago ( midnight ) I ran out to my 

beloved Mickey D's. I got there like 5 minutes before they were closing and the little girls helping me was so kind.. 

They even made me some fresh fries! 

I came home and got working online.. 

and had my late night snack/meal.. I really went for the sweet tea and fries more than anything! 

But I was happy to get another 

Mickey Glass. Hell, I am going to be able to fill one of our cabinets with these glasses! 

Besides that, the night has went pretty easy! Tomorrow I don't have much going on and should be home all day.. YAY! I love being home. I don't like having to run errands and I WON'T be cooking tomorrow.. which is another YAY! 

Well I am going to lay back and watch an old movie 

and fall asleep! 

Have a great Thursday! 

K Jaggers
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