Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well I have been a busy bee trying to get Jackson's room cleaned up for him. I should have had him in there helping too but nope.. he was done the road playing. It was easier to just do it myself. I did just go get him so hes home now enjoying his nice clean room.. and boy, it better stay clean too! I still have a lot to do to get him ready. In the next little while I will get all his clothes and stuff ready. BUT ITS BREAK TIME! 

I ran to CVS and have a small haul coming up. Stay tuned for that! Super happy that all the new product displays are starting to pop up at my local CVS. I didn't really get any good coupons at the Magic Coupon Machine. And this time I didn't get any CVS Bucks either. =(  But my purchase counts towards it! 

I am doing my best to get back on track with the Couponing. Its been so busy around here and this month I haven't had enough time to really coupon like I use to. But there are so many new products I want at CVS that I am going to have to hit the sales with coupons.. so I can get more for my money. 

I have been on the second floor all day long. I haven't even turned on the tv in the living room. Scott should get off work in about 10 minutes. YEA!! God knows I have a lot to do. I also have a update on Stalker Girl to tell you about that will be up next. 

I hope you have a beautiful night. I'll be back really soon with a couple more posts! 


K Jaggers
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