Day to Night..

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Its been such a long day. I am finally in bed so this post is going to be fast. The only reason I am even blogging at all is I totally get to sleep as long as I want. That didn't happen for me today. Last night I just couldn't sleep. At 530am I was still awake. Then this morning Scott woke me up about 11am and that's really just not enough sleep for me. 

I was so happy that before I woke up, he cleaned the kitchen really well. I was totally thankful because it was really messy. Thank you baby.. thank you. 

It was a cold day.. 

and we took off the the DMV. 

We both hate the DMV in our town so we actually drove a long way to another one. It wasn't any better. We spent a lot of time in there trying to get everything done and they sent us away. North Carolina sucks in so many ways. You pretty much have to give a DNA sample every time you try to do something at the DMV.  By this point I was pretty tired and grumpy.. and Scott was too. 

He wanted to go home and take a nap... I wanted to go finish doing what we needed to do. We didn't see eye to eye on it at all.. and we went home. I really didn't mind because I was tired too and wanted help at the store. So we both fell to dozed on and off for about an hour. 

After we woke up...we  loaded up Jackson and went to finish doing the shopping. 

We ran around downtown for a while.. 

which was all lit up..

And I love how the tree at Newts is lit up. 

We seriously thought about grabbing a burger here but I wasn't really hungry.. but Jackson wanted a pancake so we went to Dennys. 

While Jackson was playing and eating.. I downed 3 cups of coffee..

loaded with sugar hoping it would give me some energy to get through the rest of the night. 

Here they are! 

Afterwards we took off to Walmart where we did our household and grocery shopping. To be honest, it was hell. We had a lot to get and we were already tired. But I think the coffee did help. 

Some how we managed to get in and out 

in about an hour. 

Thankfully all the boys brought everything in and even helped get it all put away. Again.. another moment to be thankful for. 

We hung out for about 45 minutes before we all headed upstairs. I took a long bath.. and now enjoying this yummy piece of 

 Pecan pie while laying in bed.  It delicious. Seriously good! I have a post/video coming up with my grandmothers recipe.. Its pretty standard though. In just a few minutes I am going to lay back and drift off to dream land. Jackson is happy he gets to sleep in and so am I. His breakfast is already done in case he does get up first and we are taking the day as it comes. I am glad he works tomorrow and will be home with me on Sunday. Today didn't really go as I had hoped it had. In fact, I told him it was a disappointing day.. he tired to make it a better night for us but we both were so tired that it totally sucked.


I am hoping we both get well rested and tomorrow is better! 

Sweet Dreams.. 

K Jaggers

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