Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well morning has struck again. I guess at this point I should just be happy God woke me up for yet another day. However, I am a little grumpy because I hate mornings. Why do they have to be so hard? I wake up to an aching body and heavy eyes. I feel like shit.. and I am ready to go right back to bed. I am sure today will go pretty easy with Brandon here so I might stay up and watch the news and then try to drift back to sleep for a few hours. Why not?  There are perks to not working outside the house and naps are one of them. I just wish Scott was here to snuggle up with me. I love waking up next to him but rarely get to do it. Again.. come on Friday! 

Jackson was such a grump this morning. He sure didn't want to get out of bed. It was next to impossible to get him ready and out the door on time. 

He pouted all the way to school because he couldn't go back home and go to bed. In fact, he was oh so kind to point out that I get to go back to sleep. Ha! I spent YEARS in school... and Jackson has many years left.. so he just better get over it! 

I am not sure what I am doing today. I might just stay up and get some things done or I might just do as Jackson says.. and go back to bed! I am sure Brandon is loving sleeping in today too. Too bad husby isn't here.. because it would make today perfect if I had him to snuggle up with! 

Have a great day! 

K Jaggers
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