Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today was a great day! We had tons of laughter and smiles! 

I woke up pretty late and found my sister 

doing her hair. 

Then we raided my make up together....of course

and found some that she really liked to take back to college with her. 

It wasn't long before I was in the kitchen cooking.. 

And I had a new helper.. 

Not my new Gordon Ramsey mixer.. =) 

My MOM was helping.. and I loved it!

Ham in the oven..

Potatoes on..

And here she is helping me with the green beans..

 Mom pretty much did all the cooking! YEA!! Thank you mom.

 I couldn't believe that on Christmas Day all the neighborhood kids came knocking at the door for Jackson.. I never got to play with friends on Christmas. But I broke tradition and let him go. 

But after a couple of hours..

Scott went to find him! 

Lacis hair turned out great huh!

Here's Mr. Don!

I finished the potatoes.. 

and just had to take a bite.. 

And then we started on the greenbeans.. which is moms favorite! 

This year..I hosted a " ghetto Christmas " because I didn't set the dining room table all up.. Nope. Instead I put it all on the kitchen table.. even put out freaking paper plates and dinner was served! 

But we had prayer first. I know.. I shouldn't really take pictures while praying but I love those moments of us holding hands and praying.. The faces in the picture say a lot! 

Mom, Scott and Jackson were beside me.. but they were praying too! 

And little Jackson got BIG LOVES from his Aunt Laci. 

Everyone served themselves.. 

And Scott and I took a quick picture while we were waiting for the line to go down. 

 Even though it was on paper plates... dinner was really good! 

We actually ate pretty early and then all lounged around.. 

and I had some fun with Jacksons air brush thing from Crayola. 

It took a few minutes but I figured it out! 

More Lounging.. 

All the attention Super Cooper has been getting just wore his dog butt out.. 

But it wasn't long before he was ready to play ball again! 

Laci got busy getting her stuff packed up for her flight home Thursday morning..

And Scott helped weigh it.. just to be sure! 

Then we got some more pictures.. 

This time of Trina and her husband.. 

 Then some of the rest of us.. 

Here's mom and Trina.. 

 And check out Romeo.. Freaking precious! 

 So it was a great Christmas. I loved spending time with my family... even if its just for a few days.. it means everything to me. 

Tomorrow Trina and Trent are heading out early in the morning.. Thursday morning Laci leaves and I think mom and Don are leaving Thursday too because Don is celebrating Christmas with his girls on Friday.. So they are doing this all over again! Thankfully we are done with Christmas.. or all the stuff that goes with Christmas. Once everyone leaves, I will be cleaning the house up and I will be sure to let you guys know some of my favorite gifts! 

Anyway... I hope each and everyone of you reading this.. had a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends.. and made a lot of great memories. 


K Jaggers

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