Christmas is in the Air!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am really tired... tired of cleaning that is! I have been working around here like a mad woman enlisting the help of everyone in the house. Its amazing how much crab we have sitting around the house that never gets put up where it belongs. I still have a lot of the upstairs to do.. I also need to vacumn too but we are going to do that in the morning before we leave to go to the airport. Good thing is.. Mom gets in at 1230.. Laci gets into the same airport at 150 so we don't really have to leave until 1pm. Yea!!! That gives me extra time to get the last things done. In just a little while I am going to get up and head to the store. Since I plopped on the couch.. I have been working on the Christmas menu and grocery list. This is something I should have done sooner. My mom is buying the ham this year - thank you mom! - and I will take care of everything else.  So far I have decided on 


Carrot Soufflé

New potatoes with butter, thyme and parsley.. and maybe some fried sage leaves.

Fresh Green beans

Mac n cheese


7 layer salad

Dinner Rolls

And various desserts.  

I am serving 8 people and I figured I wouldn't make as many items but make things I can double or triple easily. I am serving the left overs plus some new items on Christmas Day. 


We have lots going on tonight. Husby did just call and is on his way home. We are going to Walmart to get groceries and to rent a carpet cleaner. Then when we get back.. we have to give the dog a bath.. brush out the cats.. and clean up the fish tank. I am not sure if he is going to do the carpets tonight or tomorrow. I am also going to be cleaning up our bedroom some and the spare bedroom tonight too. Then tomorrow morning I am going to get all the beds made and ready.. do last minute things and then go get Mom, Don, and Laci! ..Ohhh..

Sammy is coming too! Then on Christmas Eve Scotts Sister ( Brandons Mom ) and her husband are coming in. I think we have figured out the bed situation and Laci is going in with Jackson and sleeping on the top bunk... Trina and Trent is going in Brandon's room. Brandon is going to sleep in the dining room on a twin mattress.. So its going to work out just fine!

Busy times ahead.. TONIGHT.


K Jaggers

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