♥ Christmas Eve ♥

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
 Today started off rather easy.. other than Jackson not wanting to take pictures.. too bad!! He took them anyway! 

Here is Laci giving him some Love!!

Mom wanted a lot of pictures so that is what she got.. 


Scott decided to do shots with Jackson.. 

Scott had bourbon and Jackson got coke! 

Then it was time to shoot guns.. 

and they did that for a long while! 

while we girls hung out inside! 

Mom bought these hats and wanted pictures.. Laci and I were both a little nervous.. but they actually looked pretty good in the pictures! 

 We decided that we would cook the big meal tomorrow - Christmas Day - and tonight we would enjoy a delicious cheese tray! 

And Desserts! 

Laci and Jackson enjoyed Checkers 

We also took about an hour or two of technology time.. Hahaha! 

BTW.. check out moms new blog design Right Here!

In that technology time.. we also skyped with Brittany.. 

It wasn't long before Trina came in and brought me a TON of Avon Products and Samples.. 

Stay tuned for many Avon Reviews.. 

Check out Mr. Don and Sammy

Looks like unwrapping gifts is going to be a big job! 

but we had to wait on another game of checkers to be done.. 

And mom started feeling good! 

Love this picture!

This is what got her singing and dancing! 

Check out her face in this picture! LOVE IT! 


Love you mom! 

Here Scott and I are! 

Here was our very own personal Christmas elf! 

Mom and Sammy

Time to start opening all the gifts!

Scotts sister made me coasters with pictures.. I love it!

 Mom loved her Big Bang Theory T-shirt.. LOVED IT! 

Trina & Trent

See.. really happy! 

Laci made me these corner paintings... LOVE! 

And also gave mom and me both these big frames.. with was also great! 

 Laci also made this for Scott! 

This is everything I got.. 


Sweet baby kitten! Thank you mom! 

We found ourselves outside a few times... 

But it was too damn cold to stay out for long! 

So we all hung out in the living room.. 

While the boys were busy playing video games! 

Trina got some kitty love! 

When Scott and I finally piled in bed.. we got some guest! 

I took a long hot bath and put on 

some pjs from Scott and Jackson.. 

Very comfortable and warm! 

Laci was having fun editing pictures with me.. 

and now I am ready for sleep! 

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas Eve! Tomorrow we are going to cook and enjoy a big Christmas dinner and spend time with each other. We also want to go to the movies tomorrow so we might end up doing that too! 

Its been great having everyone here. We have a ton and had such a good time! 

I'll be back tomorrow night with more pictures! 


K Jaggers

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