Before the Sunrise..

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well its super early.. still dark outside and I am having trouble falling back to sleep. Figures huh? I went to bed really late last night.. about 330am and got up at 630. So clearly, I need sleep! 

For some dumb ass reason I had a cup of coffee this morning and I have a feeling that's what is keeping me from falling back to sleep.BTW.. I found a new coffee that is complete love for me so stay tuned for that review coming up! 

Thankfully Scott took Jackson to school this morning since he had to be there super early. Scott has been working an insaine amount of hours and its a long drive for him. We might consider moving in the summer if he is going to stay at this dealership. The drive is really hard on him after a long day. I don't really want to move unless its to Florida but I miss my husband so maybe. 

Well I hope little Jackson has a great time on his field trip! He won't even be home till after 5pm. WOW.. sure going to miss him. Hes such a cute little boy and he makes me smile a 100 times a day! 

Anyway, have a beautiful day.. I am going to try to go back to sleep! 


K Jaggers
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