Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gosh I wish I could just stay in bed all day when its cold outside. I had to warm up the car this morning before taking Jackson to school. Yea.. so much for the North Carolina weather that I have been bragging about. The warmest day this week appears to be Sunday at 62 but.. rain. So its going to be a pretty cool 62. YUCK. Scott and I were both checking last night on houses and jobs in Florida. Each passing day brings us closer to moving. I think we both dream of the sunshine and the salty ocean air. Its almost time to just get the move over with so we can move on with our lives. I just don't see us staying here. We have family in Florida and that lets face it.. the older we get.. the more we want to stay away from cold weather. It just makes my body ache all over. And I bitch more during the winter months than any other time and I am sure my husband would love to end that! 

Speaking of Scott.. he was so sweet last night. 

He just loved on the kitty cats. That is seriously one of the biggest signs from the heavens above that I got the right man. I have ALWAYS been a cat person. We worked on the road for a couple of years and really just traveled too much to take any kind of pets around. But as soon as we came off the road and found our first apartment.. Scott was the FIRST ONE to adopt a cat. Seriously.. he found this stray that we took in! We had that cat for a while but sadly.. we ended up back on the road for a short amount of time and had to find it another home. BUT.. the point is.. it was him taking in the kitty.. and that was one of those BIG SIGNS that I got the right man!  Anyway.. last night he was loving on all them ( we have 4 cats and 1 dog )  and then we cuddled up in bed and just had some alone time which was pretty amazing. I miss him.. and I know he misses me and misses being home. I think its time for a new way of life. I think we need to downsize houses.. live with less and start focusing on spending more time with each other. Hopefully that day is coming! 

However today.. I am not moving to Florida.. but instead.. my ass is cleaning up the house some and trying to get things in order for Christmas. Can you believe its about 11 days away!? I sure can't.. boy this year has sure went by fast. I am kinda looking forward to 2013!! I am hoping it will be a great year for all of us!

Have a great Wednesday!

K Jaggers
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