Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am blogging a little early for me because 7am is going to come really really fast. I totally hate the idea of getting out in the cold morning but I am thinking a stop at one of my favorite coffee shops will make it a little better. 

I am afraid a bigger change is about to happen that I am not going to like much more. Scott has a longer drive now to work so I don't think he will be able to take Jackson to school.. which totally SUCKS!! I hate cold mornings.. I don't want to put my son of the school bus in the morning because I don't want him to have to walk in the cold early hours of the morning. But Gosh.. I hate the idea of getting out each morning but if I have to.. then so be it. 

It just so happens that tomorrow is going to be the coldest day of the week. Its not going to be easy climbing out of a warm bed. I don't want to be very grumpy in the morning because I want Scott to have a clear head going into his new dealership. So somehow I have to be kind and cheery in the morning. Yea.. don't know how in the hell I am going to do that. But at least Scott gets a new car tomorrow so I won't have to worry about him using my car anymore. I hate that he gets in there and changes all the settings. I about killed him when he switched all the radio stations. I use my cd changer the most but I still have certain stations programmed in and husby got his ass in trouble for changing them all up! 

I don't have any big plans tomorrow except cleaning up the house.. flylady calls it house blessing hour but in my house its more like 2 hours.. and then the rest of the week.. you keep it up.. and focus on another part of the home. For instance.. this week we are focusing on the living room. Each week there is a different zone to focus on.. and for me the system really works... that is, if I keep up with it. So far so good. I picked up a lot today just to try to keep Doug off my mind. It didn't really work though. And Jackson helped more with the tree and husby got the 

Christmas train put up.. and it looks really pretty at night. 

Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas! 

Ohhh.. I do need to menu plan and run to the market tomorrow. It should be a long day but hopefully I can get in an afternoon nap! I probably won't be home till close to 9am and thats if I don't get freaking lost. I have the GPS on my phone and in my car but even with those talking maps.. sometimes I get all kinds of confused. So this should be interesting! I am sure going to miss my husband tomorrow. I know hes going to have a busy day so I doubt we will get to talk much. But it will be nice having to the house all to myself. Jackson has been home since last Wednesday. So yea... it might just be nice! 

It feels weird going to sleep this early.. but thats exactly what I am going to do.. 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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  1. Absolutely, nobody wants to get out of a cold bed. My furry and persistent alarm clock just won't stop till she gets her breakfast.

  2. @Juanita - Mine wait till about 11am to start waking me for food! Instead that damn alarm clock of mine is pure EVIL!


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