Weekend Photo Dump!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Friends! I hope your weekend was great! Ours was pretty easy going. It felt like a long home with Scott not working yesterday! Its been nice having him to pal around with! Even though that is about to change in a few days. I am just glad he took a break between switching jobs. He really needed the break. 

Here's how we spent the weekend.. in pictures!

We spent Saturday going to 2nd hand stores and antique stores.. 

which was nice. I didn't find much this time..

 But I had fun looking! 

Then we took off to the grocery store. I felt pretty bad at this point. I really didn't want to do any grocery shopping. I had forgot my list.. but we had to go.. 

it didn't take long of going through the isles.. 

to start loading up the cart. 

Scott was obsessed in the cheese area! 

I searched for Hostess products.. 

Found nothing.. 

About an hour I was ready to get out of there.. 

We finally made it home and I got busy putting the gorcerys away. Thankfully Scott was able to bring them in. I got a glass of wine and took my time putting it all away. 

Little Gyspy loves grocery day! 

 She was hopping all over the place! 

After I rested up.. I got up and made some.. 

cookies! We got all the cookie dough in from Jackson's school fundraiser so it was time to bake! 

I made a ton of them! And the boys are eating them up. 

 Scott cooked dinner last night. I liked seeing him in the kitchen but I hated what he was making.. 

Jambalaya. YUCK.. I couldn't do it. Only Brandon ate some.. I instead Jackson and I had other things for dinner! 

I then took a hour nap and woke up feeling a little better. 

The kitty needed a bath and that's exactly what she got! 

She wasn't too happy but once we were done she 


was looking a lot better! 

I then hung out with Scott for a while,.. We both just 

laid in bed on the computers. Guess we are getting old! 

I stayed up late last night and woke up at 

11am. Scott and I hung out in bed for few hours watching the news.. having coffee. A very easy start to Sunday! 

I didn't accomplish much today. I ran back to the store to get a few forgotten items. I really didn't want to go out but I really needed to. 

Once I got home I got busy with the big job of 

cleaning out my very messy purse. It seriously felt like I was just carrying a trash can around with me. 

Scott got busy ironing.. 

He was getting everything ready for his busy week. Thank goodness I have a husband who irons his own clothes. I just hate doing it! 

For dinner tonight we had a very simple

Chicken Fajitas 

They were really good.. 

and pretty simple to make! 

I enjoyed a long bath.. I also got my 


nails done - more pictures to come tomorrow - and now laying in bed ready to go to sleep. 

Tomorrow I have to clean up around here.. do some laundry.. and maybe make a cobbler. I also need to work on our Thanksgiving menu.. but we already got the Turkey. Can't wait for that delicious meal on Wednesday! 

I hope you had a great weekend! 


K Jaggers

3 comments on "Weekend Photo Dump!!"
  1. Looks like you had a very productive "lazy weekend" :)
    Hopped on over from the Blog Hop.
    Looking forward to getting to know your blog better. Have a great day!

  2. Looks like a nice weekend (except forgetting the grocery list, I HATE to forget the grocery list).

    Visiting you from Mom's Monday Mingle.

  3. @mailrosey - yes it screwed up everything forgetting that list and it cost me $. But now I am working on a revised one so my next trip won't be such a disaster!


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