Weekend in Review

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello and happy Monday to you all! Its a cool fall day here...I have already ran my errands but I am still cleaning the house up. Big house means a lot of work! This weekend was pretty nice and easy. 



I slept in till almost noon and it felt amazing! Jackson slept in too being he wasn't feeling that good. I pretty much took the day to myself because of how hectic it was the days before. I sat around enjoyed some cooking shows and took the day as it came. 

I even took the easy approach to dinner too.. 

I had never tried this 

Hungry Jack Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix.. and I thought the boys would love it.. 

Super simple table.. 

These plastic plates 

 is my snazzy version of a paper plate! 

They are so thin..and work great for nights when I don't want to break out the heavy plates. 

Since I had to make a lot of pancakes.. 

I just kept the oven on the lowest setting and as they cooked, I just put them in there to keep them warm. 

I also got 

a bunch of sausage links cooked up in a cast iron skillet. 

Before long.. 

dinners were served! 

I served it up with a cold cup of milk 

and it was the perfect dinner! 

Jackson and Scott went shopping to get the battleship game for him 

and when they got back.. Brandon played Jackson's first battleship game. 

Gosh.. I remember playing this game with my brother 25 years ago! 

it sure makes me feel old! 

Before long I headed to bed .. and 

Gypsy followed!! 

Then Sunday Morning.. 


I woke up about 930am and worked right from my computer. I had a ton of things to get done and the girls 

joined me! Too cute! 

Scott slept most of the day. He didn't get up till after 1pm. In the late afternoon we both got ready and took off to run a few errands on such 

a beautiful fall day. Jackson is sick.. so we had to get more medicine for him and we also picked up some stuff from

CVS.. The dark picture is the nail items I got for the nail polish swap I joined up in! I will show you what I picked out for her when I know she has already got it! 

We got home and Scott and I both worked on laundry. Then it wasn't long before he took off to the movies with Jackson and Brandon to see..

I wanted to see it but I didn't really feel like going out and I didn't feel we needed to pay movie theater prices for me when I can seriously just wait for redbox to come out with it. I instead did some quick shopping and rented a movie off the tv. 

Since the boys were not going to get home till almost 10.. I decided to go for yet another easy dinner. 

Soup and grilled cheese. 

Ha! My homemade chicken noodle soup! NOT!!! Sometimes the convenience of a can soup is very handy! 

I had a ton of 

 grilled cheese to make.. again, I put the oven on warm and just tossed sandwich by sandwich in to keep it nice warm and gooey! 

 Again.. very simple and very good! 

 And I had a bunch of 


chocolate chips for dessert! 

I spent the night working on the laundry.. and even when Scott got home.. he continued to help. Thankfully its all caught up but the bedding which is in now..but still have Brandons laundry that needs to get done too.. but thinking he can do it on his own. 

I was tired when I finally got into the 


bath last night. My phone was ringing..emails were coming in and I pretty much said screw it and went ahead  enjoyed every minute in the hot water. 

I came out of the bath.. and got the box ready for the 

nail polish swap... then realized that the mail wouldn't be running today. 

I worked some in my planner and called it a night. I fell asleep a little after midnight and Jackson ended up waking not feeling good with a fever and husby took care of him. I had no idea that he was up sick but thankfully Scott was on daddy duty and took care of him. He gave him some medicine and a warm bath.. all at 2am and got him back in bed. Needless to say.. husby is tired today. 

Jackson is doing a little better today.. so hopefully with any luck he will be back in school tomorrow. 

Anyway, one last room to clean today.. the kitchen.. so going to finish that and call it a night! 

Have a great evening! 

Movie review coming up later! 


K Jaggers

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