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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OMG.. I totally slept in today. I am shocked at how long I actually slept. It felt great though! Well UNTIL I stumbled down stairs to get a cup of coffee and found out that some how this morning my husband broke our coffee pot. YEA.. Not too happy. He swears he didn't do anything to it.. but if you know my husband.. you would understand that its not easy to believe his tales sometimes! He breaks all kinds of stuff.. and then says with his big brown eyes - I don't know what happened to it! - Well.. Mr. Jaggers, if you don't get that coffee pot working again.. YOU are getting me a new one!!!!!

We are all kinda lounging around....I guess because I have been sleeping a lot today but we are about to get cleaned up in a little while and go to the market and get the rest of the items needed for Thanksgiving. I am not sure little Jackson is going or not. I have a very specific list and we are not going to just go wild in the store. So Jackson might skip out on going.. but I could always give him his own little list and let him help out too!

Last night I posted this picture on facebook ( that I found online ) and it pretty much went viral..

I think this is how its done! I love it! I hope and pray nothing like this ever happens in my life again.. but I love the billboard!

I have lots of posts coming up today and tonight and I have a very busy shopping trip that I need to make happen soon too. I am also baking 2 pumpkin pies and a chocolate pie tonight. So I am going to be busy. Guess its a good thing that I got my beauty sleep!

Have a great Wednesday!

I will be back when I can!


K Jaggers

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