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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Morning.. well, I am not so sure how good it is being I have to be out in public in a matter of minutes. I would rather stay in my bed but that can't happen today. Thankfully I have husby tagging along with me which should make everything much better. We might even catch some breakfast out afterwards and then come home and cuddle up for a afternoon nap. The house is pretty clean so I say why not? 

I really thought Jackson was going to school today. But here just a little while ago, I was getting him up and he totally has a fever. He can barely talk and I just don't feel good sending him in. So its another day at home for Jackson. Its only suppose to get up to around 57 today.. so its going to be chilly and I really don't want him out in the cold air anyway. He knows if he stays home from school, he has to stay inside... no playing outside or with friends. Its bedroom time all day long.

Scott is still asleep too. I am waking him up at 8am ... in about 30 minutes. I am sure he is not going to like rolling out of that bed at 8am on his day off but like I said.. NAPS!

Right now on the news Casey Anthony and her legal team is crying over not getting a fair trial in the defamation case. Ummm.. she will never get a fair trial. They could move the trial to Ethiopia, and they would still want to hang that bitch out to dry. She deserves so much more than what she is getting.

Anyway.. need to start getting ready. I am hoping that a few packages I am expecting are in the mail box today. Including my new phone. I am also getting the square to hook up to it so I can take kitty cat payments that will go right to my checking account. Handy dandy! I am also expecting some other packages. The mail not running yesterday messed it all up!

Well its time for me to get ready. Have a great day! I'll be back after we get back home.


K Jaggers
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