Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Thanksgiving is winding down.. and we are all lazy and laying around the house and I figured I would share some  pictures of what went down around here. 

I did a ton of cooking..

 Got the turkey breast in the oven. .

Got the carrots sliced up and tyme chopped up...

They looked delicious before they even went in the oven.. 


 Got the squash ready.. 

Gosh.. squash is always so hard to cut up.. 

This is the Pioneer Woman's recipe.. The squash is coated with butter, brown sugar and rosemary. Yummmmmm..

I got the green beans ready too. 

 I quickly got the bread ready. 

The carrots cooked up really beautifully.. 

and they tasted amazing.. amazing.. amazing..


The turkey breast came out amazing looking and amazing smelling. 

 Little by little the table was getting filled up. 

The dessert table filled up quickly too.. and I got into the wine too! 


 At last.. Dinner was served! 

It was really good. Everyone got quiet and filled up. 

 All the food was amazing.. 

But I had to move all the table decorations away to fit all the food.. Yea.. maybe a little too much for 4 people.. BUT.. I won't have to cook for a week! 

We picked up the dining room table.. and then found ways to relax.. 

The boys decided to play video games.. 

I laid around with them for a short amount of time and 

now I am laid up in the bed.. being lazy thinking about a long hot bath! 

But lets not forget today was about being thankful.. 


Heres my Thankful list.. 

I am thankful for..

*The love of my family.

*The memories I have made along the way with each of them.

*For Good food tonight.. every night.

For yummy yummy pasta.. long strands of spaghetti make me happy!

*For God being an every present force in my life.

*For the husband I am so very much in love with.

*For the joy of all the animals in our home brings us.

*For kids that are beautiful inside and out.

* For my mother who is one of my best friends.

* For the all the good in the world

* For the great markets I get to shop in.

* For the sunset that comes each evening. When was the last time you watched the sun set?

* For tv.. which occupies a lot of my time.. oh and the dvr.. love love love the dvr.

* thankful that I don't live in Indiana anymore. Its just too depressing for me to be there. Flashbacks always come back of the places I have been with the people who are not here anymore. Its just too much for me. 

* The spring when all things are reborn.

* For the chance to go to college and learn something I love.

* For the new job that my husband just got. Very thankful for that.

* For the love of Scott's family who I consider very much my family. I love them with all my .

* The technical part of the world... I would be lost without my fancy little phone and laptop.

* For old and new friends. The love you guys have shown over Doug is very heart warming. I love you guys. 

* For the laughter of my kids. Nothing sounds better flowing through our house. 

* I am also thankful for my fireplace that has been getting a lot of use here lately. I  love watching it. 

* that I am blessed with such a beautiful life. Its not always easy but there is so much more good than there is bad.. and I truly feel like the luckiest woman in the world. 

* I am thankful for coffee.. Yes.. very thankful for coffee. 

* I am thankful for blogging. Its almost been therapeutic having this great platform to express myself. And I love that all my memories and pictures are saved right here. _ And don't forget you can print your blog into books! 

* I am thankful for the love and support in the blogging world. You guys are great and its really nice getting to make new friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you had a wonderful day. 

K Jaggers

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  1. All the food looks amazing! Love all your pictures!! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!


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