Sweet Dreams

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hello! I hope you had a great Friday! Mine was pretty good. I woke up feeling a little better and it was my daughter's 11 Birthday!

So I had to dig through the baby books and find her very first picture!!

Not too happy! This picture was taken by mom and now she is.. 

Growing up on me! My mom took her to the Justin Bieber concert for her Birthday! She loved it but I think it wore her out. She had school today and then a big night so right now she is sleeping like a baby! Thank you mom.. She loves you so much! 

Around here it was another 

windy cool day. I was lucky to be able to stay home most of the day. I did have to run out to CVS 

to get some meds.. Told you I wasn't feeling good. But thankfully I was able to call the Dr and they didn't even make me come in. 

I did manage to pull myself together some and put on some make up.. Speaking of makeup.. I didn't buy any at CVS tonight! Can you believe that?? I guess that just shows how bad I was feeling. 

Jackson took this picture this afternoon. He loves grabbing the camera and taking pictures.. I am always finding strange photos on my phone.. Wonder how many of you with kids experience that!? 

Here we are.. 

Its amazing how much makeup can help.. because when this picture was taken.. I felt really bad. 

So I just rested until it was time to get up and make some dinner. 

 It was pretty simple.. 

Pork chops, brussel sprouts and smashed red potatoes.. I also made some corn for the boys who are not brussel sprout fans. Dinner was really good. Nothing too fancy.. I just breaded the pork chops in some flour and fried them up in some olive oil and butter. The brussel sprouts were roasted in the oven and it also helped heat the house up a little bit. It gets so cold in our house. We have a ton of windows and the oven really does do a great job of warming things up in the winter. 

Scott and I watched this crazy bad movie and I gabbed on the phone for most of it. I was pretty depressed when I hung up. I told you all about the conversation right here.. It pretty much sucked the life out of me. I don't really like to think about friends who are worse now than when I was around years ago. Thank goodness I am happy and have this big beautiful life ( that I share with all of you! ) and I get to smile and laugh a thousand times a day. Blessed.. Very Blessed.. 

I have since slipped in a big hot bubble bath and now I am laid up in bed ready to start dreaming. Tomorrow I plan on working around the house, then Scott and I plan on doing a little shopping after he gets off work. Hopefully we will have a very happy relaxing weekend! 


K Jaggers
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