Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It been such a nice time having Scott home. There have been a few times when I was ready for a break but most of the time we have had a really good time! Hes been a lot of fun to joke around with. I seriously think him switching jobs with the break in between is making him so much happier. Everyone keeps wondering.. where is he going to work? are we staying in NC? when is he going to go back?

Well, I am not going to put on here at this time where he is working. Its a new job and I just don't feel comfortable blogging about it.. yet! And he starts next Monday. He just wanted the down time. And I kinda understand why!

He went to lunch today with some friends and then once Brandon got off work.. he helped him buy a car!

This is Brandon's first car!!! I wish I could have got a better picture but it was dark by time they got home. I will be sure to get a better picture tomorrow. Brandon is excited that he isn't having to bum a ride all the time and we are happy that we don't have to drive him to and from work anymore. Super happy for him! Its a Malibu..

I really didn't want to cook tonight so we decided upon..

Mickey D's!!

I was so surprised when I got home to find that they put a glass in my bag!

I don't even know what the promotion was.. but I was happy for my freebie! 

I was also really happy to not have to be in the kitchen cooking.. 

I suggested Mickey D's.. 

and here was my unhealthy yet good dinner!!!

and this is how Scott and I spent the evening.. 

We have really been enjoying giving the kids the downstairs and coming up to the 2nd floor for a little peace and quiet. 

And of course the kitty cats had to join in on the love.. 

Scott up pretty late tonight. Jackson was also up late tonight. The only one who has to get up tomorrow is Brandon.. which probably sucks to him. Soctt and I are going to sleep in tomorrow.. then we are going to go do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping. I plan on doing a little baking tomorrow.. and I also plan on making a few other things ahead so Thanksgiving is more about spending time with the people I love instead of being in the kitchen. Both Jackson and Scott are going to be home till next Monday. I am sure by the weekend I am going to need a break! But Monday morning I have to take Scott to work. He will get a car when he is there but right now we are down to just the Jaguar. Since he is in the auto business we never have bought a 2nd car. We just don't need it.. and since he is back to driving my car, he even cleaned it yesterday! It looks amazing.. so at least I got him to get that job done! 

I am being extra lazy all the time with him home. Its so much easier to cuddle up and do nothing than get motivated and get busy. I doubt tomorrow will be any different..besides some shopping!

Well.. I am sleepy!

Have a great Wednesday!

K Jaggers
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  1. What a fantastic blog you have! I am your newest follower from the blog hop! WOuld love for you to come follow back! xx

  2. My husband did the same thing years ago and, you know what? It was OK! The world didn't end and I enjoyed our time, too.

    New follower via GFC from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Would love to have you follow me back!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  3. Thanks Emma and Christy! I am following you both back! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo


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