Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh boy am I tired and its not even midnight yet. The only reason I am still up is I get to go back to bed tomorrow!! Wooooo-hoooo!!! I won't sleep real late but the idea of getting up about 1030 or so.. just makes me happy happy!

I do have to get up and get Jackson off to school. Well, that is if he is feeling better. I think he should be ok to go back tomorrow but I thought the same about today too.. and then he woke up with a high fever. He stayed in bed almost all day. That's my rule around here.. if you stay home sick from school, its a day of bed. He didn't mind one bit.. barely ate anything and slept a ton.. so I know he had to be feeling terrible.

Scott was home all day. It was great having him here but he was worried about work all day. He always has so much going on that I think its hard to shut his brain off on the days he is home. He had some kind of allergic reaction to something and he totally burned his face in a lot of places. I really think he got into one of my face peels and burned himself even though he would never admit it. He wasn't feeling too good either today but it was nice spending time with him.

But this morning, time came really fast.. and believe it or not, 

I was the first one out of the bed this morning. We had court due to the stalker girl and was sitting there at 930 this morning wishing we were anywhere than there. I was super thankful that he got up and went with me. It didn't take too long and in about 30 minutes we were in and out. Then we did a little shopping ( small haul coming up soon! ) and got some breakfast. 

The drive was so pretty. 

But don't let that picture fool you.. it was freaking cold! 

We came home and dozed on and off for a while while we were watching.. 

I love that movie and it was the perfect way to spend the day home with husby!

We took back off in the late afternoon to head back out to the post office.. and when we got home our phones had came in! 

Scott and I both got the same exact white phone... which I kinda like.. its cute.. and we spent all afternoon and evening getting everything switched over. Funny thing is.. Brandon got his first smart phone ever today and was also trying to get his set up. I felt a little sorry that Jackson didn't get a new phone too but he's 10 and isn't so good at taking care of things yet. Brittany is 11 with a new blackberry torch but she does do much better with taking care of things. She now wants my old android and I am going to pack it up and send it to her. SPOILED!! 

Scott did take some time this evening to play 

a game of battleship with Jackson. 

He really doesn't look like he feels good.. 

Scott wasn't really hungry tonight.. Jackson just wanted cereal so I just fixed a 

philly steak and cheese hoggie for Brandon and myself. I didn't make anything to go with it.. just the sandwich and it worked out great! 

Our night ended pretty early. We sat around for a little while and watched 

Romeo try to fit his big ass in one of the small boxes the phones came in. yea.. it didn't happen! 

Tomorrow I am going to be home most of the day if not all day. I might need to make a quick run to CVS but not sure if that is happening tomorrow or not. I thankfully pretty much have my new phone all set up. Actually its probably missing a bunch of stuff but at least I can use it now! I plan on taking it easy most of the day. The house is pretty clean but it always takes a least an hour a day to pick up. But it should be a easy day! 

I hope you have a great Wednesday.. its time for bed! 


K Jaggers
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