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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Lovely Readers & Friends! 

I hope you had a great Veterans Day with your family. I pretty much marked the anniversary with watching Act of Valor again this afternoon and imagining my dad sitting right beside of me watching it. I also got some work around the house done today but not too much. 

Jackson is out of school tomorrow in honor of Veterans Day. Hes feeling pretty bad with a cold so its a good thing that he will be home. Hes on 4 different medications, so hopefully he will feel better soon. He can barely talk.. hes almost completely horse.. so he is whispering a lot. Poor baby. Scott and Brandon do have to work tomorrow and I don't think either one of them want to! In fact its 1230am here right now and husby is busy downstairs ironing. Just in case you are wondering.. this housewife allows her husband to do his own ironing. You can't really please him when it comes to that.. so if they are not going to the dry cleaner.. then he is ironing them himself! It works out great too! 

Tonight I got my box ready to mail to my friend in the nail polish swap! I hope she likes what I picked out! Later, I will show you what I got for her.. but I want it to hit her doorstep first! 

Tomorrow I plan on getting right back on the Flylady system. I plan on doing a big post on why this system works for me and how I use it. We have a big house and its super hard to keep up with. I'm serious.. its just too much. We are thinking of finding help.. but since we haven't.. I have got to figure out a way of keeping it up better than what I have. So tomorrow I am focusing on 1 hour of housework.. just picking up and getting my normal cleaning done and also spending a little more time in the bathrooms. 

Anyway, I will have a weekend in review post up tomorrow.. along with many more posts! I'm tired and I need sleep! I am also hoping my new phone comes in too tomorrow.. it might be Tuesday.. but fingers crossed its tomorrow!

Have a great Monday! 


K Jaggers

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