Quiet House

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Its only 1132 right now and you would think it was 3am around here. The house is so quiet and peaceful. Its been that way since about 9 and in just a little while I am going to bed. Scott and I have an early day together tomorrow so I need as much sleep as I can get. Jackson seems to be feeling a little bit better too so he is off to school tomorrow if he doesn't have a fever in the morning. He has been on a ton of cold medicine and it has really helped him today. But we will still have to wait until the morning. 

Well today started off with 

Romeo wanting to eat the fish! Not really.. 

 well maybe! He loves the fish tank! All the cats do..

I was busy bringing laundry down stairs today when I snapped this picture of 

 crazy wild little Gypsy. 

It was a real fall day here.. 

 The wind was blowing.. leaves were falling.. and I got a quick video.. 


Fall days really are pretty! 

I actually spent most of the day 

cleaning and doing 


laundry. Yea.. it sucked. I was totally cleaning a house where 3 boys live who don't give a shit about a clean house. But it feels good that everything is pretty cleaned up. 

It was a late night for husby so he didn't even get home till around 830. So I took that opportunity to NOT cook dinner. We had a bunch of soup left over so thats just what I served up. 

Perfect for Jackson who isn't feeling so great. I just ate some a hour or so ago so it was the perfect meal for a late night. I want them to eat the left overs.. and not cooking sure makes that happen! 

Scott was really tired tonight. He was in bed by 9pm and I haven't heard him since. He needs sleep. We have to get Jackson to school in the morning and then we have to leave the house about 9am. It freaking sucks getting out in the cold and rain in the morning. I am hoping it goes fast so we can get back home and maybe get an afternoon nap. Brandon is staying home tomorrow too. He had an option to work tomorrow or Saturday and he picked to work Saturday because he has to go buy body wash tomorrow. Hummmm.. teenagers! I didn't expect that answer!!! Brandon is pretty quiet and we get along pretty good but teenagers are teenagers! But hes doing good with getting up for work and from what I have heard.. hes doing well.

Well I am off to go find a quick snack and get to bed! I hope you guys have a great Tuesday! 

Talk to you when I get up! 


K Jaggers

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  1. Oh romeo!! He has got the squishiest face ever! :) Sweet post and enjoyed reading it quite a bit!

    Cathy Trails


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