Pre Thanksgiving ( Pic Heavy )

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Its been a busy day for us around here. I slept in today much later than I really wanted to. We got a late start.. but we got going! 

We decided to go to Walmart. I seriously believe they have the lowest prices... and since we had a lot to buy.. I though it was worth it.. 

First thing on our list.. 

a coffee pot.. 

If it was just me, I could use the French Press.. but with a lot of us drinking it.. we need something bigger. 

We also got another big mixing bowl.. 

I then got busy with the food.. 

and it took a while to gather everything all up. 

We also stopped by the deli and got a quick lunch 

and proceeded to wait in the long isles..

But I bought a cheap bottle of wine.. 

which made me feel a little better! 

We stacked everything all up..

and then had to pile it all in the car. 

I was really happy that Scott was there to help. 

We are starting to notice around the kitchen that we have a lot of red stuff... including a red breakfast table..

Hopefully it works well.. if not, it will go back. 

I pretty much unloaded the groceries in the kitchen by group.. It was easier for me to make sure I didn't forget anything.. I did buy a lot of the Walmart brand.. I am not big one on brands. I seriously think buying their brand saves a ton of money.. 

So here is the 

Green bean area.. 

the pie groceries.. 

The easy bread..

The pea salad stuff.. 

Yummy bacon bits.. 

Love Pea Salad.. 

All the stuff for the roasted acorn squash and roasted carrots.. 

Tons... Tons of eggs for baking and deviled eggs.. 

I cheated a little bit with the stuffing. 

My boys won't mind.. 

Here's my pretty new red bowl! 

Anyway.. back to the food.. 

I am also cheating with the mac n cheese. We love this one.. so 

I got a lot of it! 

I also had to get some more pie plates..

and it wasn't long before I got busy baking.. 

2  pumpkin pies done! 

Then I got started on the chocolate pie.. 

and it came out amazing looking and smelling.. 

I also got working on the eggs.

and the pea salad.. 

which looks and tastes really good! 

So as you can see.. I am taking some help from the store this time. Why not!? I am going to add my own something special to every dish so it doesn't really matter anyway. I have the turkey breast in the frig.. and will cook it tomorrow along with a bunch of other stuff. We are going to have an amazing dinner.

While I was doing all that cooking my 44 year old cousin took his own life. It breaks my heart that he felt that sad. It sure puts things in perspective. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive on fb. Your kind words mean a lot. 

I was exhausted when the phone call came in and I stopped at that point and went to go take a bath. While I was walking to my bedroom.. I pass the spare bedroom and see.. 

Cooper in the spare bed. Scott was in there watching tv but at this point.. Cooper was all alone. I guess all my cooking wore him out too... WOW.. 

So it been a long day.. and while its a very sad time.. we are still going to go into Thanksgiving because we still have a lot to be Thankful for. 

Hope you have a wonderful day. 


K Jaggers

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