Oh Hell, Ho Ho NO!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am going to rant for a few minutes.. so just bare with me. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of what's been going on with Hostess. Twinkies have became endangered along with my other sweet treats and Wonder Bread. 

So let me break this down from my point of view.. Hostess went bankrupt in 2004 and had to cut way back to stay open. Yes this is probably due to poor management but they managed to stay open. Then because of that bankrupty .. wages, pension funds, and health care had to take a 1.8 loss. And the workers were not having it. 

WHAT THE HELL???? This company is an American Company who has been around since 1930. I don't think it worked well for the union or employees when they called the bluff of Hostess. Hostess was very clear that if they kept up the strike they would have to close the doors and liquidate the company. 

Well.. in my - humble opinion - those workers only have THEMSELVES to blame for this. They should have had their asses in the factories making our beloved twinkles and ho hos instead of trying to bluff their way through this problem. They could have been upset.. but if they had went to work and still fought the 1.8%  then the doors would be remaining open. Again.. a group of idiots..They should have thought it through more. 

I searched high and low today looking for my last box of twinkies and ho hos and 

none were to be found. 

A Hostess store’s shelves in Malden were nearly stripped bare on Friday.

anywhere. I was pissed off.. grumbling all through the store.. 

And yes, there have been talks about the sweets and treats being bought by another company... who knows..and while the government can bail out big Wall Street and big Banks.. they couldn't step in and take care of this iconic company? 

I think its tragic.. not only for the workers who made the dumb decision to picket.. not work.. and loose everything. But the company itself. Super Super disappointing. I am not happy about it one bit. 

On a sweeter note, while I had my mom dashing all around looking for twinkies, she called and told she couldn't find any. She also said she checked on ebay and 1 box of twinkies was selling for $500. OMG!! But she told me to not worry.. she has an amazing recipe from pinterest of how to make to the twinkies! Too funny!! I am sure they will be good but nothing will be as good as the Hostess Brand. =( 

Are you pissed off too about this?  I sure am.. it will be interesting to see what happens next. 


K Jaggers
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