My day in a Nutshell..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its 1am right now and getting this post done before I fall asleep is going to be a challenge. I am finishing some yummy hot chocolate.. its cold here.. 30 degrees.. so I am staying pretty cold. I have been running the heat and or the fireplace on and off all day. I seriously hate cold weather.. HATE IT. 

The day started pretty good. I woke up and it wasn't long before Scott and I headed out to run a few errands. I just bundled up.. slapped on a little foundation and out the door we went. 

To me, it doesn't look much like fall anymore.. it looks like winter.. ugly winter. 

We stopped and picked up some food.. yet again.. this time we opted out on Mickey D's and got

Dairy Queen instead. We came home.. ate our lunch and then vegged out for a couple of hours. Jackson played with his friend while we just sat around. 

But eventually we got up and cleaned the goldfish tank.. 

It was a huge job.. 

The fish did just fine in the bucket.. 

Romeo was watching everything.. 

It really was a team effort. We both worked non stop and it took over an hour to get it done. 

But the tank looked much better when we were done! 

Then we lounged around for a while longer.. before I got busy on the

Christmas tree. I also decided to 

run out and get a few more strands of lights.. and then got 

busy putting the tree together.. 

 I got a lot of it done but I still have more to finish tomorrow. I got really sick while working on the tree and had to stop.. but when I did.. 

Willow decided to climb it.. can you find the kitty in the tree!? =)

While I was out I also got these little frames so we can put pictures of all our 

animals on the tree. The gold one is for the dog and the others are for the kitty cats. 

Once I finished all I was doing for tonight.. I slipped into the most luxurious...


bubble bath. I locked the door and stayed in that warm bath for over an hour. Then I got out.. I tossed laundry around and came right back upstairs to the bed. I had a pretty good day but I am so sleepy.. so I am going to shut this computer and start dreaming! 

Have a beautiful Sunday

K Jaggers
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