Monday, November 26, 2012

I don't know what happened.. but I got out of the bed at 6am.. which was AN HOUR before the alarm was set to go off.. WTF? Well, I got husby to work on this very cold morning.. 

and it is a drive.. thats for sure. But I am happy he is back to work but I am going to miss him. 

On my way back home.. Brittany had some of her own drama.. 

I get his hystical crying phone call saying she missed the bus. Her dad was already at work and she was flipping out.. I mean flipping out. It took 10 minutes to get her to stop crying and talk to me. After we got it all handled.. I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a daughter many miles away who still makes me #1. She's crazy about her daddy.. but I always get the first crazy phone call. I can't believe she got so upset about being late for school. I just had her call my dad for a ride.. and now she is in school... and hopefully not crying or upset! I miss her so much and ready for her to pack up and head to her moms! 

Anyway.. I stopped and got some breakfast.. 

I didn't clean up that much and didn't want to take my pj wearing ass to my favorite coffee shop so I choose the drive through instead. Gosh..I can't count the times we have ate fast food ( particually Mickey D's ) the past couple of weeks. Its so simple and easy.. and breakfast was actually pretty good! 

Well.. I don't know if I am going to get going on the house or lay back and rest for a little while. The sun is coming through our big living room windows and the warmth is making me sleepy.. a full belly doesn't help either! 

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers

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