Monday Movie Review : Deadfall

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hellooo!! Happy Monday! I have been really busy the past couple of weeks and I am so happy to have the time tonight to go over one of the movies I recently watched...

Here's what the movie is about..

A thriller that follows two siblings who decide to fend for themselves in the wake of a botched casino heist, and their unlikely reunion during another family's Thanksgiving celebration. That's it in a nut shell!

Ok.. for some strange reason I love any movie that has a lot of snow in it. I have no idea why because I am a totally tropical girl but whatever.. I thought that the trailer made this worthy of watching.

So this movie is ok.. I have read a lot of reviews saying how horrible it is but for me it wasn't terribly bad but it wasn't great either. I love Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana is pretty good too. Their relationship seems pretty screwed up and they end up in a farm house.. which is where Sissy Spacek comes in. And believe me, she does much better in The Help but she was still rather charming in this movie too.

Well this movie had enough action and enough of a plot to keep me watching but it wouldn't be something I would pay big money to see. Use the redbox to get this one. I think both of their accents could have used a little more practice too.

So I am giving this only

because it fell kinda short. I think Charlie Hunnam is kinda a low budget Channing Tatum.. He was ok.. but again not too interesting. I guess the interesting part is how the characters start to come together in the end.

Wish it would have been a little better but it was good enough to sit through!

Have you seen this yet? Do you agree with my review? Let me know!


K Jaggers
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