Late Night Reading..

Saturday, November 17, 2012
good night

Wow.. time has really passed quickly in the later hours. Its almost 2am and I have been laid up in bed reading. I just looked down at the clock and about died when I saw the time. Thank goodness tomorrow is a day I can sleep in.. Well maybe.. if no one wakes me up! Brandon is heading out to work.. Scott has some errands to run mid morning so it will just be Jackson and I. My goal is to stay asleep while Scott and Brandon get cleaned up and out the door. Sleeping in would be so nice considering today my husband woke me up a little earlier than what I wanted. 

Today was a great day.. Scott and I spent the entire day together and I got tons of pictures that I will put up tomorrow. I am running behind AGAIN with blog posts but I should be able to catch up just fine over the weekend. I did get the comments and avatars fixed!! YEA!! 

I also have some interesting news about my new phone that I will be sharing tomorrow. If you have a smart phone.. you really will want to read the post coming up. Super interesting and if you blog and take a lot of pictures.. its very useful information. I spent over 45 minutes on the phone tonight about the issue and I was shocked to hear the answer to my problem. You might be too. 

Anyway, its late.. I am I am going to cuddle up next to my husband and start dreaming. 

We'll chat tomorrow. 


K Jaggers
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