Interesting Day..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hellooo!!! Hope you had a great Wednesday! It was a pretty good day and evening around here. We were celebrating tonight that my husband is no longer at Shelby Motors. I can't get into all the details right now but  its really for the best. I hated that place.. and pretty much hated most of the people who work there. Bigger better things are coming! I am sure most people are wondering why I am not upset.. I'm just not that worried about it. I think it was the best decision ever to just get out of that place. Scott use to love his job and then he started coming home more and more upset on a nightly basis. I'll have more to say about it later.. just not tonight!! Tooo tired to get into the politics of that place. So husby is going to be home the remainder of this week. That should be fun! I am hoping we can enjoy a few days together before he heads back to work... I am doing my best to not say I told you so too much but this entire state was a bad decision.. and I am hoping that after the first of the year, we can make our big move south. Its time for beaches and sunshine! 

I am pretty tired tonight. I even got in an hour nap today but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Tomorrow I have no big plans.. What I am hoping is Jackson goes to school.. Brandon goes to work.. and Scott and I spending the day in bed together? Doesn't that sound like a great idea? I doubt it will happen exactly like that because he has a few things to do tomorrow but I am hoping that most of his time is with me! I have missed him working all those hours. =( 

Jackson felt better today thankfully. I was able to send him to school and I got out and 

ran some quick errands. God knows I just wanted to stay home today but I had to run out anyway. It was cold and I bundled up in sweats and thankfully I was back home within 1 hour. 

Then I came home and before I knew it.. Jackson was home with a stack of homework. And I was so proud of him because I didn't have to tell him to do it. He came right in and wanted to get it done and his writing was so much neater than normal! 

I didn't really want to cook tonight but we all had to eat so I just made a big pot of 

pasta and called it a night. I didn't even make any sides to go with it.. nope. Just a fast pasta dinner that everyone.. including husby seemed to enjoy! 

The mood around here was really good tonight. Scott and I were goofing off tonight with skype.. I was in the hot bath skyping with him while he was in the living room!! It was too funny! 

Anyway.. its been a long day and I need sleep! 

Hope you have a great Thursday! 

K Jaggers
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